The 5 most common car problems

The 5 most common car problems

No matter how hard you work towards making sure that your car is running as smoothly as possible, things will go wrong. That is a fact and there is little one can do about it. And when things go extremely wrong, one needs to start thinking about the future of your car and whether it is really worth the effort of having to pay continuously mounting repair fees.

Not only are there enough car services to help you out in every way, but there is enough you can do in order to ensure that your car problems are nipped in the bud. After all, one needs to ensure that the problem is identified in a timely manner because once it’s too late, it becomes much harder to solve the problem.


Whether it is cash for scrap cars Auckland or even the provision of sell scrap car for cash, the point is that one needs to identify the problem before anything can be done about it. What is the problem with your car in particular? Here are seven tips to help you figure it out and get to the root of the problem:-

  • A damaged bumper cover:

    Being one of the most common problems out there, it is not as easily replaced as one may think initially. Some that are available online aren’t even painted so if you’re looking to replace them, you may have a hard time initially. All in all, it would be better to go to a recommended source.

  • The rubber moulding:

    Being around the driver door, if you have attempted to retrieve your keys that were locked inside your vehicle, it has certainly seen its fair share of hard times. Once this problem worsens, you will have to deal with loud wind noises while driving the car at high speeds.

  • The water pump:

    Being the main liaison between the cooling system and the motor, it is bound to wear out after a period of a few months. In this regard, once the pump has been replaced, even the radiator will have to be replaced within a few months as well.

  • Air conditioning issues:

    People tend to overlook the fact that the quality of car air conditioning does tend to fizzle out within a year or two if one is not careful. Plus nowadays, because of various other types of environment-friendly refrigerants, air conditioning repairs tend to end up being a lot costlier than before.

  • Problems with your vehicle’s suspension:

    Usually a curb or pothole ends up thrusting the suspension. Even if you attempt to try and keep costs low by fixing one side, the opposite side will need to be fixed in a few months. Eventually, your costs will end up being quite high.

Having already stated that things tend to go wrong with cars every now and then, it is completely up to you to know how bad things are with your car and when is the time to say goodbye to it. A lot of times, extremely technical problems do tend to cost a great deal of money leading most people to wonder whether it is worth all of that money.

Having said that, once you have found out that the cost to fix your car exceeds the price of which it is worth, then giving your car away to a scrap yard is a no-brainer. No two ways about that, really. However, if the problems are easily fixable, going to an experienced car service should be next on your list of priorities.

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