Things To Consider While Getting Your Car From The Servicing Center

Things To Consider While Getting Your Car From The Servicing Center

Getting your car serviced regularly is one of the best practices to maintain your car’s performance. But, you must always better check before you get the vehicle from the service center, as you will never want being cheated by someone whom you have trusted.

There are many servicing centers, and some times due to lack of experience or information, you may end up trusting an authenticated source. So, visit a center that is renowned and has been functional for some time.

Here’s also a checklist that can help you from being duped by a car servicing in Sydney. And do not take your vehicle from the service center in a rush!

Things to consider while getting your car from the servicing center

Job sheet

A job sheet also referred to as a work order, is a document that is used for clear communication between the car mechanic and the service center executive.

Sometimes, you may be taking the car for servicing due to some specific issues. While taking back the vehicle, make sure that the faults have been taken care of. Generally, it is stated in the job sheet, along with the other specification. Thus a thorough check of the same helps in knowing if the mechanic has been aware of the fault and if the same has been taken care of or not.

Check the bill

Authenticated service centers will provide you with the itemized bill – checking which will help you to know if you are being charged justly or not. Humans and machines can make errors, so you must confirm that you are not charged incorrectly.


The engine is the main part of the car, and for proper functioning, changing engine oil change and the filter is necessary. So, before you take out your vehicle from the center, check if the engine oil has been changed or not – new oil looks cleaner and is lighter in color.

Checking the transmission oil is also crucial.

Next is coolant, which loses its properties after the vehicle runs for a few thousand kilometers. Depending on the car, you will need to change or refill it also. Since there’s no way to check if the brake oil has been replaced or not, you should get it done in front of you.

The job sheet should have the level of fluid marked when you deliver the car. While taking it out, check the fluid level to know if there has been any manhandling.

Personal belongings

To be on a safer side, take out all your personal belongings and the tool kit before you take the car to the service center. In case, taking out things like extra wheel become cumbersome for you, ask the service center executive to make a note in the job sheet of all the car accessories. On delivery, check that everything is intact.

Take the odometer reading

The odometer reading gives you an idea if your car has been taken out for drives behind your back. A small test drive of 2 – 3 km may be ok to ensure that everything is working fine, but more than that without your knowledge should be a matter of concern.

Take a test drive

Always ensure to take a test drive of the car with the service center executive. It will give you the best idea of the performance of the vehicle, and you will know if all the issues have been addressed correctly.

Highlight even the smallest issue on the very first day, as these may only aggravate over time and give you trouble on the roads.

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