Top 5 Best-Selling Cars of UK in 2017

Top 5 Best-Selling Cars of UK in 2017

Vauxhall Astra, a comfortable hatchback

The first best-selling car of UK in 2017 is Vauxhall Astra; this hatch back car is a complete package in economical price which everyone is dreaming for.

Vauxhall offers 1.6L CDTI diesel direct injection engine who is efficient to make 109 horsepower with 258 pound-foot of torque with the top speed of 195 mph with fuel consumption of 60 miles per gallon just in £15,620.

Ford Fiesta, where quality meet with standard

While Ford is not so behind in offering quality cars in reasonable prices, Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus RS are two lavish cars Ford provide in practical prices.

Ford Fiesta contains 1.6L petrol engine and 5-speed manual transmission system which provide 85 horsepower and 125 pound-foot of torque with top speed of 99 mph in fuel consumption of 70 miles per gallon just in £12,495.

Ford Focus, a mechanical beast with powerful engine

Whereas Ford Focus RS have 2.3L intercooled turbocharged petrol direct injection engine with 6 speed manual transmission system offers 350 horsepower with the impressive quality of 350 pound-foot of torque with the top speed of 165 mph in 37 miles per gallon of fuel consumption in £31,385.

Though Ford Focus RS is a bit costly as compare to Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Astra but what you get in return is way more than you spent on it. Nowadays used Ford Focus engines are also a good engine replace option rather to purchase a new car, in case you are facing powerless performance from your vehicle.

Mercedes Benz E Class, a name of reliability and luxury

Now something about standard tycoons of the automobile world. Who is unfamiliar with the name of Mercedes? When it comes to top selling cars in the UK, you cannot ignore the demand of this supreme automotive manufacturer. Mercedes Benz E class was one of the most demanded cars of UK in 2017.

It is loaded with 2.0L intercooled petrol direct injection engine with 9-G tronic automatic transmission system which is capable to offer you 195 horsepower with inspiring amount of 273 pound-foot of torque with the top speed of 155 mph in 40 miles per gallon of mileage. Where you get that much quality, there amount of £34,350 means nothing for what you are enjoying.

BMW i8, a car which cannot run fast but fly slow

Now is the turn of the BMW i8 which cost £105,580. Yes, it is a big amount but only for those who just want a car. BMW is an alternative name of standard, quality, comfort and luxury.

This hybrid car has 1.5L DOHC turbocharged 3 cylinder petrol direct engine with sequential shift control transmission system which provide its driver 357 horsepower along with 420 pound-foot of torque with the top speed of 155mph in 76 miles per gallon of fuel usage. This monster can touch 0-62 just in 4.4 seconds. Yes, this machine has worth more than its price.


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