Top 5 Used Cars for a Long Highway Trip

Top 5 Used Cars for a Long Highway Trip

There is nothing better than an impromptu road trip with family or friends. The thrill of driving down smooth highways while enjoying the cool, fresh air is something you just cannot deny. But, the most important thing about a road trip is the car you’re traveling in. Does it offer you comfort? Is it easy to drive? Is it powerful enough to take on long drives? You can either ask yourself these questions before you leave for your next road trip or you can find the 5 best-used cars designed for long drives right here.

Honda WR-V

When it comes to long drives, SUVs are probably the best option to go with when choosing a car. The Honda WR-V is one of the best cars available in this segment and offers a plethora of features that make long drives extremely comfortable. The car is powered by a 1.2L petrol engine or a 1.5L diesel motor that offers 17.5 and 25.5 kmpl respectively. With a total of 5 seats, the WR-V is a car that is comfortable for 5 passengers. Some of the other features found on the car include power steering, air conditioning, heating, automatic climate control, headrests on the rear seats, adjustable seats, lumbar support, and cruise control. In terms of safety, the WR-V features anti-lock braking, power door locks, airbags, rear seatbelts, crash sensors, and impact beams.

Tata Harrier

Tata has the most second hand cars in the country and the Harrier is just another option that is great for long drives. Under the hood, the Harrier houses a 2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that has a mileage of 17.0 kmpl. The car officially says that it can hold 5 passengers but Tata claims that it is a 7-seater SUV. When it comes to comfort, the Harrier stands out with a number of features that include power steering, air conditioning, adjustable steering, and adjustable seats, climate control, navigation system, keyless entry, and voice control. There is also a plethora of safety features such as 6 airbags, seat belt warning, traction control, and vehicle, stability control, system

Maruti Swift

Considered as the most used car in Bangalore, the Maruti Swift is definitely one of the best cars for long drives. Powering the Swift is either a 1.2L petrol engine or a 1.3L diesel engine that is capable of offering 22 kmpl and 28.4 kmpl respectively. With automatic transmission options, driving the Swift down a smooth highway is an absolute pleasure. The usual features such as power steering, heaters, air conditioning, automatic climate control, and headrests for the rear seats are available while there are a lot of safety features as well – some of which are brake assist, child safety locks, multiple airbags, side and front impact beams, crash sensors, and adjustable seats. The Maruti Swift is definitely one of the popular cars when it comes to taking long road trips and is also one of the best performers.

Ford EcoSport

If you are planning on taking a road trip soon, you should definitely consider the Ford EcoSport. It is one of the most popular SUVs in the country and combines power and sporty features perfectly. There are a total of 3 engine options available for the EcoSport – a 1.5L petrol, a 1.0L EcoBoost petrol, and a 1.5L diesel engine. In terms of mileage, the EcoSport ranges from 17 kmpl to 23 kmpl which is excellent for long drives. Some of the features found on the EcoSport include air conditioning, heating, adjustable steering, automatic climate control, cup holders, headrests for front and rear seats, cruise control, and power steering. The car is also extremely powerful and gives the driver complete control which makes it perfect for highway driving.

Hyundai Venue

The Hyundai Venue is an SUV that is designed specifically for long drives and offers some of the most comfortable features in a car. The engine options include 1.0L petrol, a 1.2L petrol, and a 1.4L diesel engine which offers mileages ranging from 17.52 to 23.70 kmpl. Some of the engine options can be had with automatic transmissions which are ideal for comfortable driving experiences. The Venue has excellent features including heating, air conditioning, adjustable seats and steering, air quality control, cruise control, power outlet, headrests for the seats, navigation controls, and voice control. There are also a number of safety features which include seatbelts, traction control, brake assist, and crash sensor.

So, if you are planning on taking a road trip anytime soon, you can check out these car options which make long drives extremely pleasant. These 5 options are available around the country and are some of the most powerful vehicles in the segment. Whether you’re driving through the night looking for midnight meals or visiting family or friends in the next city, these above-mentioned cars are perfect for any occasion.

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