Top electronic cars you should own in 2018

Top electronic cars you should own in 2018

It’s 2018, and the world is changing. The dependence on fossil fuels is coming to an end thanks to the invention of electronic cars. Things like technological advancements, stricter emissions standards, and changes in consumer tastes have mainstreamed electric cars. Obviously, they still aren’t close to replacing their gas-powered rivals immediately, but their ever-increasing ranges and improving features makes them more and more desirable for the future. Therefore, we have our own list of best electronic cars of 2018 (not in a particular order) based on their affordability, features, and quality.

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1.The Chevrolet Bolt

Starting price: $37,495

EV range: 238 miles

The Chevrolet Bolt is a package full of pleasant surprises. It boasts the range of a Tesla, but it’s also zippy and thrilling to drive. The Bolt’s claimed cargo space is very practical and useful. Although it has been criticized by some for its interior setup, critics agree that in terms of its price range and cost-effectiveness, it delivers a good deal.

2.The Nissan Leaf

Starting price: $25,200

EV range: 150 miles

The Leaf was redesigned for 2018 and is a perceptibly better vehicle than the previous version. It’s much quieter, far more comfortable, easier and more thrilling to drive, and it offers plenty of range for almost any commute. Critics have criticized the Leaf’s steering wheel as it doesn’t telescope, making the car less comfortable for taller drivers.  But overall, the Leaf has far more strengths than weaknesses and is highly recommendable.

3.2018 Hyundai Ioniq Electric:

Starting price: $30,385

EV range: 124 miles

One of the most laudable features of the Hyundai Ioniq Electric is its affordability.  It offers a lot of user-friendly technology which usually one expects from a Hyundai. It also possesses the most efficient electric drivetrain in the market, per the EPA’s miles per gallon equivalent (mage) metric, which enables you to pay less to keep it charged. Although the rear seat isn’t particularly roomy, from a holistic perspective, it offers a lot at a reasonable price.

4.2018 Kia Soul EV

Starting price: $34,845

EV range: 111 miles

The Kia Soul EV does go more than 100 miles on a charge despite its relatively short electricity range. More importantly, its abundant interior space, as well as its unique features, add to its charm. In many ways, the Soul EV reminds car lovers of a small crossover than a compact car. It might be less fun to drive than some of its competitors, but the additional space will compensate for most buyers.

5.The BMW i3

Starting price: $69,500

EV range:  114 miles

The BMW i3 is probably the most unique car in this list. It’s not just the electric powertrain which is mesmerizing — the i3 features an advanced carbon fiber-reinforced plastic body shell, aesthetic wheels, and an interior trimmed in a plant-based material called kenaf.  The i3 is one of the most energy-efficient cars currently sold in the U.S., it has an EPA-rated 118 mpge combined for the 2017 model, which carries up to 114 miles of range.

It’s quiet, smooth, and a cozy luxury car, but with a handling prowess absent from most battery-powered cars currently on the market. The cause of that is the fact that the car’s carbon fiber construction keeps its weight under 3,000 pounds, and the steering remains fast enough to keep things energetic behind the wheel.

6.The Tesla Model 3:

Starting price: $50,200

EV range: 310 miles

This car has encountered criticism because of its reliance on the touchscreen interface for vehicle controls which can be a bit distracting. However, if one doesn’t mind the teething issues, you’ll find a nimble, long-range electric car with a wholesome space for its small footprint and an interior that definitely pushes the definition of “modern.”

7.The Renault Zoe

Starting price: $23,800

EV range: 250 miles

It offers a pretty decent range of 250 miles (402 km) on an official test – 186 (299 km) in summer, 124 (199 km) in winter. Its main advantage is its price tag making it the most cost-effective electric cars right now in the market.  The Renault Zoe is small, well priced and was designed as a custom based electric vehicle.  The battery takes 7 hours to charge fully at home or 0-80% in 40 minutes with a fast charger. Many reviews have hailed it as Europe’s number 1 best-selling EV.

8.Hyundai’s Kona Electric

Starting price: $41,800

EV Range: 258 miles

One of its eminent qualities is its 64 kWh battery that provides a range of 258 miles. Hyundai’s Kona Electric aims to break into the lucrative new electric cars market and beat its rivals. It’s considered very versatile for this price range thus you will never regret your purchase decision. It addresses the practical needs of consumers and is thus, recommended.

9. The Volkswagen e-Golf

Starting price: $30,495

EV Range: 125 miles

It’s e-Golf that’s an electric vehicle which is in itself a huge attraction. It brags about first-rate build quality, intelligent connectivity, and a silent powertrain. Although it may look like a ‘conventional’ Golf, it is far less expensive to run and is one of the most aesthetic electric cars out there.

For many, this is probably an ideal stepping stone into the EV market without sacrificing the looks of a traditional car. It looks great and comes with all the latest technology a consumer would expect. Its range is lower compared to others in the category, at around 125 miles (201 km) on a full charge, but you do get all the other benefits of VW engineering.

10. The Fiat 500e

Starting price: $32,995

EV Range: 84 miles

The 500e is equipped with the Uconnect in-dash system and has an 84-mile range (135 km). Fiat 500’s aesthetics are certainly a major attraction. Its tiny size is also convenient for getting around town and parking. The Fiat 500e is a creative-looking EV and is, by all accounts, incredibly fun to drive. Some reviews claim that it is faster than its combustion engine cousin. It does linger down the bottom scale when it comes to the range, but it is definitely good on the whole.


If you are out in the market to buy an electric car, you need not worry as there any plenty of options out there. So, trade in that old car at sites such as this one that offers free car valuations, so you are not left asking yourself how much is my car worth? Electric cars have a lot of benefits, and one who buys it is sure to love it.

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