Toyota TJ Cruiser the ideal minivan for the SUV set

Toyota TJ Cruiser the ideal minivan for the SUV set

Toyota releases TJ Cruiser, which is an SUV or an MPV, or cruiser

With the hot SUV car market, consumers have higher requirements, SUV has a comfortable ride and good road grip. Major car companies also see through this business opportunity, such as the Gl8 and Honda Odyssey, whether it is high-end MPV or home-type MPV has been well received by consumers, based on this demand Toyota has released a certain innovative cross-border SUV concept car Tj Cruiser Concept, looks like a big box, this car almost find a solution, Toyota introduced the car as a new 7 MPV models. TJ Cruiser concept car is based on Toyota TNGA global architecture to create products with a hybrid system is expected to be introduced into the country, its introduction may bring great pressure on the Buick GL8 and the Odyssey Honda! Toyota releases TJ Cruiser, which is an SUV or an MPV, or cruiser.

TJ Cruiser


Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept Toyota brand new design elements, the front face is very Founder, the appearance is very tough! Especially the front face with large-size air intake grille shape, with the front face of the LED lights on both sides of the headlight, it seems to highlight the atmospheric fashion style! The center of the grille is embedded in the blue Toyota LOGO representing the new energy model. The rear of the lamp group is connected with the protruding front fender of the vehicle, and the straight line is still extended. In addition, the special protective coating is sprayed on the hood, the fender and the roof of the car to prevent splashing stones.We all know that the Cruiser is the familiar “Cruiser / Cruiser” – Toyota’s oldest SUV series name, Toyota FJ has been officially discontinued in 2016, the future TJ Cruiser production version is expected to become FJ Cruiser’s successor model. T is the abbreviation of the Toolbox (toolbox), it also shows that the concept car is a toolbox feature and entertainment hardcore SUV. Toyota releases TJ Cruiser, which is an SUV or an MPV, or cruiser


Tj Cruiser concept car, length, and breadth is 4249/1821 / 1623mm, wheelbase is 2639mm, the vehicle back door with sliding door open way to facilitate passengers alighting. Round tail taillights group and the front of the echoes, the roof with a piercing high brake light. Four large multi-spoke rims fitted with Bridgestone Power Series off-road tires so that the car has a good road through the sex! Tail design echoes with the front face, equipped with a floating roof, taillights for the round, the trunk door with a large area of black decoration, cross-border style is very obvious. Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept is like a big rectangular box, while the front hood is the rear opening, trunk tailgate design is the overall opened.

tj cruiser 2


Toyota TJ Cruiser symmetrical center console design, runs through the entire console LCD screen, multi-function steering wheel with a more flat design, the interior with a lot of leather wrapped, and even the seat also uses a leather Suture technology, texture and comfort to enhance the use of space in the 7 layout, the car seats can be flat! After the flat space, It has free-standing seats, and all seats (except the driver’s seat) can be laid down and form a flat surface that can accommodate two when the bed asleep, just like a bigger internal tool car , Both to enjoy the ordinary car entertainment at the same time can take into account the practicality of the utility vehicle.

Toyota invented the new car, in the end, is an SUV or an MPV, it is called “cruiser”



Tj Cruiser Concept concept car built on Toyota TNGA architecture, powered by a 2.0L engine and electric motor hybrid system, the drive form, including the front and four-wheel drive optional. Currently, Toyota has yet to announce the specific parameters of the new car. Specific production time has not been determined. Allegedly this car is likely to be introduced domestically, after the domestic price if positioned in the Buick GL8 and Honda Odyssey’s price, may become a burst, practicality is very strong. Toyota releases TJ Cruiser, which is an SUV or an MPV, or cruiser


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