How to Treat Your Car with Love and Affection It Deserves

How to Treat Your Car with Love and Affection It Deserves

When you own a car, it’s more than just pouring the gas and changing tires. It requires care and maintenance on regular basis in order to be in perfect shape. Otherwise, the repairs would cost a fortune and your safety may be compromised with every drive you make.

Treating your car with love and affection is something every car owner should do in order to keep it in the best working conditions. In order to see that this is not something scary and burdening, here are ways to take care of your car.

Check the oil

Checking the oil is something you can do all by yourself and take your car for servicing when you notice something is off. To properly check the oil, you need to park your car on an even surface and turn off the engine. Leave it to cool off before you check the oil in order to avoid false readings which happen when the car is working or was in use very recently.

Once the car has cooled off, open up the hood and pull out a dipstick from the oil tank. Use a cloth to wipe it clean of residue oil and place it back in its place without stirring. Now, once again pull it out and notice the oil marks on the dipstick. If low, pour some oil in the tank, and if there is a leak, go to the repair shop immediately to avoid engine damage.

Check air pressure in tires

If your tires are not inflated properly they can’t carry the weight of your car as designed which in turn will lead to serious and potentially dangerous damage. It is important to remember that each tire has a specific inflation psi written on its outer wall.

Check the tire pressure once a month and before a long trip either at the shop or by using a digital tire-pressure gauge. Also, make sure that the spare is in good shape and inflated, as well in order to avoid any issues once you use it.

Check air pressure in tires

Inspect the brakes

If you drive your car frequently, you need to check your brakes at least once a month. This is something that is done at the shop and unless you are a mechanic, you shouldn’t do it by yourself. It requires removing of the wheels, then checking every part of the brakes like rotors and drums.

In case you notice something out of the ordinary with your brakes, don’t wait and go to the mechanic immediately to avoid accidents.

Wash your car regularly

Washing a car does take time and can be messy, so that is why you can drive it to the carwash instead of doing it in your yard or parking lot. In case you don’t have time for that, hire the cleaning service like Schmicko mobile carwash to come to you. That way, you won’t have an excuse to leave your car dirty for long and it won’t mess with your schedule.

Wash your car regularly

Between carwashes, you need to do some cleaning yourself such as emptying the ashtray, dusting and washing the windows. At least once a week, remove the rubber mats and clean them from dirt especially after rain or snow. Use a damp cloth to wipe the seats, review mirror and the dashboard.

Clean the AC unit

AC unit is an important part of your car, especially during the winter and summer when temperatures outside reach extremes. Just like your home unit, AC in the car needs regular maintenance to work properly. Therefore, drive your car for AC servicing once a year or twice if you use it more than usual or feel weird smell coming from the unit.

If left unattended, the AC unit will need more power to work and that means increased consumption of gas and higher bills. Also, it will gather bacteria and dust that you will inhale and which can impair your health and immune system. And since the unit needs cleaning from the inside, all you can do is regularly wipe the outer shell to keep it clean.


Neglecting your car will only bring you trouble and costs, not to mention you will have a hard time selling a vehicle in bad shape. If you treat your car with love and affection, it will serve you longer and in a functional way. And not only will you decrease the possibility of accidents, but also have a trusted companion by your side.

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