Van Hire: Your Best Bet For Transportation Help

Van Hire: Your Best Bet For Transportation Help

For most needs in your life, your modest sedan probably suffices. You might not even have a personal motor vehicle at all—in some regions of the U.K., as many as 45% of residents do not own a car. While public transportation options or taxi services can fill in many gaps in your transportation needs, sometimes you have situations where you simply need a larger vehicle. You should consider the self-drive van hire options in Birmingham offered by Sprint Motor Hire as a tool to assist you with your larger vehicle needs. What kinds of situations might a van hire be best for?

Transporting Large Items

Maybe your friend across town has recently upgraded their living room set and has offered you their old couch and table, with the one requirement that you come to pick it up. Or perhaps you’ve had your eye on an organizer for the tools in your garage, and one has finally come on sale—but it will never fit in your car. Taking advantage of a van hire is an obvious solution to these problems. You will be able to easily transport these large furniture items wherever they need to go.

Moving to a New Home

When you are moving to a new place, the actual moving of all your things can put a severe dent in your budget if you opt to hire professional movers to do all the labour. You can potentially save a great deal of money by hiring a van and then transporting all of your items yourself. With a variety of van sizes available, many companies will be happy to help you choose the one that makes the most sense so that you don’t pay for more vehicle than your possessions require.

Transporting Awkward or Messy Items

Sometimes you simply would rather not use your vehicle for moving something, even if the items would technically fit. Gardening improvement projects can often require transportation of many oddly shaped and messy items, such as gardening tools, topsoil, mulch, or starter plants themselves. Whether these items would fit into your car or not, it would likely be easier to consider the logistics of loading these items into a larger van instead. With its flatter floor and ease of access, you can save a great deal of loading and unloading time by not worrying about precisely placing every item. Additionally, if there is a spill, the van floor is likely much easier to clean than your own car’s carpet. Or consider your periodic trips to the recycling plant, which will probably be much smoother if you have a more maneuverable space in which to load and carry old appliances, old furniture, or other items.

It’s nice to know that if you experience a situation requiring the use of a larger vehicle, Sprint Motor Hire is available to assist with their Birmingham self-drive van hire options. Give them a call today to discuss your needs and find the best van for you!

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