What are the Different Safety Ffeatures on Bikes? Why are They Needed?

What are the Different Safety Ffeatures on Bikes? Why are They Needed?

Different safety features on bikes and why are they needed?

You may have seen a few bikes being refreshed with ABS and CBS now. These safety features are presently mandatorily prepared, for the safety of the riders.

Like ABS and CBS, numerous other features please progressively premium bikes. As higher your spending limit goes, you will get the better features. That is an implied thing.

A large portion of the safety features in the exceptional bikes are electronically helped. It actuated or changed with the minute of a button, and at the time of riding. Look at what safety do workers, just as premium bikes, offer in India.


Non-freezing stopping mechanism is currently found on each cruiser above 125cc. ABS essentially forestalls the locking of the back tire during abrupt brakes. It prevents the bicycle from slipping.ABS goes ahead the front plate and back circle too. If you abruptly press the brakes in an ABS-prepared bicycle, simultaneously the wheels will continue turning with halting the bike.

Inexperience or going 4×4 romping cruisers, ABS decreases the free and taking care. In this way, these bikes are typically outfitted with switchable ABS.


Combined Braking System is the most moderate safety highlight here. It comes in suburbanite cruisers, under 125cc. CBS isn’t as amazing as ABS.Applying the back brake right now, the front brake is naturally applied, which decreases the halting separation. Bikes of 100-125cc don’t run at high speeds along these lines precluding the ABS option.

Traction Control

Wet, smooth, or sloppy streets typically have low friction. While quickening on such roads, one may regularly discover their bikes slipping and precarious. That is why the traction of the bicycle is awful.To control this, top-notch cruisers are furnished with traction control. Thus, if you are quickening over wet streets, will traction control framework deal with the precariousness.

Back Lift-Off Protection

RLP is found in a large portion of the bikes with back circle brakes. It is likewise a less expensive option to the back ABS. These days, you can discover it in 150-200cc cruisers with single-ABS and RLP at the back.This framework forestalls the back tire to lift over the ground if there should be an occurrence of crisis braking.

Vehicle Stability Control

Vehicle Stability Control is essentially a definitive safety highlight, which additionally incorporates traction control. With legitimate electronic guides, the framework breaks down the thin edges, riding styles, and acceleration intensity of the rider.The framework conveys brakes and traction control for typical riding style without telling the rider. Done during braking just as cornering, the structure guarantees the most extreme strength and braking.

Wheelie Control

Presently, this is an exceptionally premium element and isn’t found in your ordinary cruisers. Wheelie control give the guarantee that unexpected acceleration won’t lift the front tires.The acceleration power is extreme in a 1000-1200cc four-chamber superbike. The bicycle will race ahead when smallest of throttle turning.

These could be some of the prime safety features to decorate your bicycle with for a safer ride!


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