Why is My Cars DPF Not Regenerating?

Why is My Cars DPF Not Regenerating?

Diesel Particulate Filters have always been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons just because removing them is termed to be illegal. No doubt that fewer people are now using diesel cars after the introduction of small fuel-efficient and battery rechargeable cars. However, diesel vehicles have their own benefits in making the performance of the engine smoother and giving a convenient drive. While diesel cars cut the cost on fuel, following DPF issues can easily lower down your vehicle’s value. If you don’t want that to happen, keep an eye on all the following issues and stay in touch with your nearest DPF cleaning services.

You Have Been Using The Wrong Oil

DPF filters are made of ceramic and fine mesh that is responsible to capture and release all the gases, soot, and carbon debris coming from the exhaust system. Like every other engine, diesel car engines also need a timely oil change. However, using the wrong oil for your engine can be one of the biggest causes of a dpf failure to respond to a regeneration. Most of the owners use low-quality SAP oils that are very low in Sulfated ash. This affects the diesel combustion process, making it hard for the filter to regenerate.


Frequent Short Journeys

Are you used to make journeys that end as soon as they start? Well, your car may not be used to the start-stop journey as much as you are. The engine needs to reach the optimum level of temperature to perform according to its capability. When you turn on the engine and turn it off before the engine heats up enough, it causes blockage in the dpf filters. Frequent travelling by your car for a 5-minute drive can cost you a lot because forced regeneration will be needed. Try to walk instead of taking your car out of the garage every time you have to go to your neighbourhood friend or the nearest superstore.

Failed Fuel Injectors

The fault in your fuel injectors is another major reason for blockage in the dpf filter. This is the cause of frustration for many drivers because they experience a lot of strutting, rough brakes, and the engine shut down in the middle of their journey. The soot and gases get locked in the fuel injectors as well as the dpf filter that makes regeneration almost impossible. Make sure that

Issues In EGR

Engine gas return valves are responsible for the reduction of the toxic emissions of nitrous oxide by recirculating the waste back into the diesel engine. When these valves turn bad, you can expect all kinds of troubles along with dpf failure. When the EGR is damaged, the particulates will start filling up more in the filter resulting in serious blockage. Make sure you take your vehicle to a nearby mechanic to check it regeneration is possible. If the blockage is severe, the filter will need forced regeneration that is quite expensive as well as harmful for the car.

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