Why Should your Next Pik-up Choice be Mahindra UTES?

Why Should your Next Pik-up Choice be Mahindra UTES?

Mahindra is known to create one of the toughest utilities and passenger vehicles in the World and Mahindra Pik-Up is just another feather in their cap. Its single and dual Cab Chassis 44 S6 are known to be one best UTES in New Zealand. They are durable to perform in any weather and make your drive smooth in any landscape. Being an ideal workhorse, this tall-rugged Pik-up has proven to be a famous and economical choice for the transporters. Whether you are going for a picnic or planning a long trip with family or friends, Pik-up can be a smart choice! The initially launched models that face shortcomings have now been rectified with the latest model – Pik-Up Single Cab Chassis 44 S6, Pik-Up Dual Cab Chassis 44 S6 and Pik-Up Dual Cab Well side 44 S10.

Why Mahindra UTES are all-rounder?

Mahindra is known to leave a competitive mark in every terrain; manufactures their every vehicle specialised with the superior technology of non-polluting engine. Maintaining the legacy, Mahindra UTES has followed the two and four, covering the exterior, interior, safety and drivetrain, up to the mark.Mahindra UTES are considered adaptable for both workhorse and small transportation. Discussing some of the features, it stood as a tough landmark for every minor to medium business need. Well if you are looking for one to buy, and in dilemma regarding its engine quality, we are here to clear it out for you:

Dual Cab 44 S6 Cab Chassis

Features Specifications
Engine Type mHAWK CRDe
Engine Capacity 2.2 L, 4 Cylinder
Engine Power 103 kw
Fuel Consumption 8.8L / 100km
Configuration $30,426 +GST +ORC

Being the top variant that perfectly goes with your class, it gives you the safe and smothers for small transportation and long road trips. Covering its fuel tank of 80-litre tank on an average of around 7.9-litres/100km. It could be a good option for you. Mahindra is delivering their latest model of New Mahindra UTES with the cutting-edge and innovative technology in the automobile industry. With a stiffer suspension, it gives your ride a little hard and your Pik-up smooth for everyday driving. One more prominent feature that incredibly makes it smooth for gear changes is the engine that delivers 103kW/340Nm through a six-speed manual gearbox.

The powerful muscles for superior comfort and safety:

With its rugged body and good looks, it can be called as the best vehicle for road-enthusiasts. With its auto-lock function, Pik-up is compatible with carrying the

  • ABS
  • EBD
  • dual front airbags
  • side-impact protection bars
  • and Isofix fixtures for child seats, for prominent safety.

Additional features that cover ranging from aircon and satellite navigation to stop/start functionality and follow-me-home lights. Have you ever heard any Pik-up with so many functions? This Mahindra UTES in New Zealand comes with high positions and giant windscreen making it absolute and joyful to drive. With the four side windows and rear windscreen that are so big, and are on everyones list. Enduring top features that are prominent for safety level, we can say that it would be a good choice to make.

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