6 Steps for Cleaning Your Carpet in Winter

6 Steps for Cleaning Your Carpet in Winter

Many people think that carpet cleaning is not a significant job in winter, but it is as the mud and snow that comes from outside can wreak havoc on your carpet. Contrary to what you think, the task of cleaning a carpet is relatively simple if you know how to manage the work properly. If you believe that you should not clean your carpet before winter, you need to know the benefits. Typically, the winter season should begin with the carpet cleaning task as it helps in removing all the dirt and debris that can stay trapped inside the fibres and damage it severely. Although you can clean the carpet at home, appointing carpet cleaning in keysborough can make the task easy and manageable.

1. Vacuuming the carpet

While vacuuming the carpet once a week can keep it clean and dry, you may have to vacuum the carpet several times a week during the winter season. Cleaning the carpet several times in a week goes a long way in keeping it free from dirt and dust. However, you can use a vacuum device with a heap filter for the best results as it helps in removing the allergens effectively from the carpet and allow you to stay healthy and fit.

2. Maintaining cleanliness

While you can hire carpet cleaning in Doveton, remember to keep the walkway and doorstep clean. You can sweep the area frequently and try to park the vehicle inside the garage to avoid bringing dirt and debris from outdoors. Invest in a big shoe rack to prevent mud and dust of the shoes from coming inside and sticking to the carpet. Ask your guests and family members to keep the shoes on the rack. Instead of relying on the carpet entirely, you can invest in a good quality rug or runner when it snows continuously, or the weather stays bad for a prolonged period to keep the carpet clean. Besides the carpet, you can keep the floor clean properly.

3. Quick clean-up and other measures

Irrespective of the steps you consider for cleaning the carpet, you need to stay prepared for cleaning the carpet quickly. Whether mud sticks to the carpet or your kids spill food or drinks, you need to act fast and remove the stain immediately. Allow the mud to dry up at first before removing to carefully with the vacuum. Use a solution of dishwasher cleaner in warm water to prepare soapy water.

Finally, you have to blot it with the solution and white cloth to avoid further damage. You can also apply a solution containing vinegar and lemon juice for the removal of fresh stains before it merges with the fibres of the carpet. However, when the spots or food stains embed deep into the carpet, using a soft brush to remove them carefully from the threads. When dry salt forms on the upper surface of the carpet, vacuuming it can meet your needs adequately.

4. Steam cleaning the carpet

Steam cleaning the carpet is another protective measure to maintain the cleanliness. However, you need to follow the step carefully to allow the hot and pressurized water to clean the carpet properly. If you are not confident of using the steam cleaning process, the best option is to hire carpet cleaning services to apply the steam cleaning method properly.

5. Professional cleaning

During the winter season, you need to appoint professional carpet cleaners to clean the carpet deeply and maintain it properly.

6. Using the doormat

Keeping a doormat at the entrance can help you maintain the cleanliness of the carpet as the dirt and dust stick to it.

If you do not want to allow the winter season to destroy your carpet, follow the tips above to keep it clean.

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