7 Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean Longer

7 Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean Longer

You have invested a great deal of money while purchasing a carpet and you must take better care of it. IF you fail to maintain the value and look of the carpet well, things might not work out as planned. You might end up with carpets, which stink and with fabrics coming out from everywhere and messing the hygiene of your house. So, before you call experts for carpet cleaning Doveton, there are 7 tips that you should follow on your own to maintain the cleanliness of the carpet to last longer.

  1. For every entrance, there should be some good doormats, preferably made out of rubber. Remember that rubber doormats will help to collect dirt and dust from your shoes and foot before entering the room and sitting on the carpet. It helps in keeping the carpet clean as you don’t have to bother about dirt getting accumulated on it.
  2. Try adding carpet protection like chair mats and more, which will save your carpet from the wheels of desk chairs or chair legs. Rugs need regular maintenance as well, so trying to protect it with an additional protective layer can work pretty well for you.
  3. If you, unfortunately, spillover some drinks, try to ask for carpet cleaning Springvale You have to clean the stain instantly otherwise the colour will darken with every passing hour. After that, it becomes really impossible to clean the stain completely, leaving a patch of unwanted mark or colour on your beautiful white or subtle coloured carpet.
  4. Before you start vacuuming your carpet, try using some baking soda. You don’t just want the carpet to be cleaned but want to smell nice too. Sprinkling some baking soda before vacuuming can prove to be one simple trick for keeping the carpet smell nice for a longer period of time.
  5. Always be sure to take the shoes right off before entering the room and near your carpets. Shoes bring home dirt and oil with it, which is the basic living area for bacteria and toxins. Carpets can easily soak in dirt and that degrades the condition of it. So, keep your shoes off from the carpet to maintain its cleanliness for long.
  6. Whether the vacuum is a canister one or upright, traditional or the filtered bag model, keeping it in good condition will help you to keep the carpets cleaner for a longer time. So, be sure to change the bag or filter regularly. In case you fail to do so, then the vacuum will start losing suction power and can fail to pick up dirt effectively.
  7. Be sure to call experts for a proper carpet cleaning annually if you want the carpet to last long. Vacuuming is okay, but experts know how to use modern technologies and right equipment to cover carpet cleaning service well. Use this tidy habit to maintain the longevity of your carpet well.

These seven simple tips are all that you need to keep in mind before you try to maintain the longevity of carpet much longer. Research and you can come across some of the best centres offering carpet cleaning help. Give them a call annually and ask them to come and pick up the dirty carpet from your address. They will get back to you with a carpet as good as ever.

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