Is Your Carpet Cleaner Good for Your Health and the Environment?

Is Your Carpet Cleaner Good for Your Health and the Environment?

Carpets are the beacon for all types of dust, mites, germs, allergens, pet dander, and even dead skin cells. Carpets are one of the top home décor items that experience maximum abuse throughout its existence on the floors, like spilling, trampling, etc.

And that is why you must clean your carpets regularly. If possible, you must call the Professional home carpet cleaners at least once or multiple times a year.

But, not many people love the concept of professional carpet cleaning. The carpet cleaners use harsh chemicals to get rid of stains, dust, and allergens from the carpet. These chemicals are not just hard on the carpet’s material but also problematic for human health and the environment.

Thankfully, many carpet cleaning services have modified their way of working. Almost every carpet cleaner is using eco-friendly products to offer better services.

So, now your only concern is to know if you chose the best carpet cleaning service or not. Here are a few ways to find out.

1 Methods Used To Clean Release Fewer Toxins In The Environment:

The technique used for cleaning the carpets requires chemicals. And not all service providers opt for eco-friendly products, meaning the harsh chemicals have a significant impact on the environment.

Even though these chemicals are best for removing the stains from your carpets, but the environment ends up paying the price for it. The air gets infected during the cleaning process. The chemical infused water ends up in the drain, thus, getting dumped in water bodies. Even the pleasing smell rising from the clean carpet is filled with chemicals.

2 They Promise Better Health For Your Family:

The carpet cleaning service you choose must promise that their services will not harm your family.

The usual carpet cleaning chemicals have the potential to compromise you and your family’s health. And if you have older adults, toddlers, and even a pet, these chemicals can prove dangerous because the smell oozing from the carpet can affect the respiratory systems.

If anyone of your family member has a medical history with migraines, coughs, respiratory issues, or even asthma, it is wise to shop around for the eco-friendly home carpet cleaners.

3 Their Method Wastes less Water:

Carpet cleaning services that imply being eco-friendly keep the chemicals away during the cleaning process and make sure that water isn’t wasted.

And working with such service provider is always beneficial, like:

  • Less water usage means less water is thrown after the process is completed.
  • When the cleaning method uses less water, the potential of dumping gallons of polluted water in the nearby water body becomes less. And that means the whole community, along with the eco-system, is benefited.
  • Carpets take time to dry. When less water gets used for cleaning, the chances of drying the carpets and installing back in your home sooner becomes higher. Plus, you do not need to worry about mold and mildew growth on damp carpet.

4 They Guarantee Longer Carpet Life:

Professional home carpet cleaners who offer eco-friendly services are more inclined towards offering quality. When you handover your carpet to green carpet cleaners, you do not have to worry about the life and beauty of your carpet. But, the same can’t be said with a regular carpet cleaner.

And since not all the carpets have the similar build quality, harsh chemicals tend to worsen the delicate carpet’s fiber and material prematurely. So, avoid the risk of diminishing your carpet’s life and choose a carpet cleaner who guarantees longer carpet life.

5 Their Services Are Affordable:

Well, we aren’t saying that the out-of-pocket expense will be lower. We are saying that you will save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Carpets are a major investment. When the fibers and materials give up after cleaning, you are only left with the choice of replacing it with a new one. And if you have a tight budget, replacing overall carpets in your house won’t be an option. And if you decide to replace new carpets in only certain areas, then, trust, us the patchwork will not look good at all. So, avoid yourself a big expense and opt for eco-friendly carpet cleaners so that your carpets can have the intended life span.

Bottom Line

Carpets are important. But our daily chores and activities can fill them with grime and dirt over time. So, it would be best if you chose the Professional home carpet cleaners who offer exceptional services while keeping your health and environment in mind.

If the carpet cleaning service you hired does not offer the benefits mentioned above, choose to work with Windell’s Carpet Care.

They will ensure that your carpets are clean, you are healthy, and even the environment has less or zero impact due to the cleaning methods.

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