How To Pass Your Exit Inspection

How To Pass Your Exit Inspection

When your lease period expires and you are exiting a rental property, you are supposed to return the rental property in a very clean condition. You are supposed to fulfil all the conditions of the bond agreement that you signed while entering the rental property.

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Returning the rental property in the same condition as it was provided to you is the only way of recovering your bond money at the end of your lease. With today’s busy lifestyle it gets crucial for anyone to take time out and organize Bond Cleaning Brisbane task by themselves.

Also, there are many other perks of hiring a professional bond cleaning Brisbane service provider for which it is highly recommended to hire them. They always come with the expertise and the experience an average person doesn’t have.

While hiring a professional bond cleaning Brisbane service provider may seem to be a smart move for some people who do not have enough time for the cleaning chores it might seem to be an expensive thing to others.

A professional bond cleaning Brisbane service provider can come up with an impressive cleaning output that you will be able to achieve. But in case you have decided to take things in your hands instead of relying on a professional cleaning service provider then we have few tips for your cleaning task.

Below we will discuss how you can guarantee to pass the exit inspection when you are handing over the rental property to the property manager.

1. Prepare A Checklist

When cleaning your rental property it is better to prepare a cleaning checklist before starting your work. It is always better to stay organized with your task instead of picking on random things.

Create your very own custom cleaning checklist which includes everything that needs to be cleaned. Make sure that you include every nook and corner in your cleaning checklist and you can also download a professional cleaning checklist from the internet.

While working on the checklist make sure you pay some extra attention to the areas that accumulate more dust and debris than the rest of the property. Remember that you need to return a clean and shining rental property to the property manager to recover your bond money.

Professional bond cleaning Brisbane service providers always come with a standard cleaning checklist. You should also make one for yourself.

2. Start From The Top

When starting to clean a room it is better to start from the top such as dusting the fans, light fittings and walls. This approach will help you cover all the areas inside the rental property with better clarity and without any professional assistance.

If you clean the bottoms first and the tops later then you might end up just wasting your time ending up re-doing the floors again. This is because the dust coming off the fans and light fixtures will settle down on the flooring and make it dustier.

By working the way from top to bottom it will get easier for you to make your rental property ready for the exit inspection. You will be able to work out things in an organized manner as you go with a top to bottom approach.

The professional bond cleaning Brisbane service providers also work with the same flow. Following this flow will help you a lot.

3. Sanitize Your Bathroom And Toilet

You might not realize the fact that these are the areas that can become a safe haven for germs and bacteria. These areas always require some extra effort and time when cleaning them.

You should stay aware of the fact that if you hire someone for cleaning the house then in some of the cases you might end up paying some extra bucks for the cleaning of these areas only.

You should disinfect these areas on a regular basis so that you do not have to deal with this mess at the end of your lease. Especially salt build up on the shower screen, stains on the toilet seat and dirt sitting in the grout of your tiles.

Professional bond cleaning Brisbane service provider make sure to follow all the safety steps to sanitize the complete rental property.

A  part from these tips, we will highly recommend you to hire only a professional expert for the bond cleaning Brisbane service for your rental property. Professional cleaners will save you from a lot of stress and most of all, they will save you precious time.

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