How Can You Simplify Bond Cleaning For Yoursel

How Can You Simplify Bond Cleaning For Yoursel

Every tenant living in Australia has to organize a deep and thorough cleaning at the rental property they are living in at the end of the lease. It is a legal process which is mandatory for each and every tenant living in Australia. The Australian Government has formed a local governing body which looks after the relations between the tenants and real estate agents.

Bond Cleaning

The governing body which looks after the rights and the responsibilities of the tenants and the property managers is RTA. RTA ( Residential Tenancy Authority ) makes sure that both the parties fulfil their responsibilities and also makes sure that both the parties receive all their rights. RTA has issued some guidelines for both tenants and the property manager under which they need to fill a bond agreement with mutual consent.

As per this agreement, the property manager is obliged to provide a clean and habitable property to every new tenant and make sure that the tenant leaves the property in the exact same condition as it was provided at the beginning of the lease. This agreement gives the tenant a right to receive a clean and shining property which is in a habitable condition. At the same time, this agreement puts an obligation on the tenant to restore the rental property in the same condition as it was provided at the beginning of the tenancy period.

To make sure that the tenant fulfils this duty, a decided amount of security money is deposited by the tenant before entering the rental property. This security money is known as bond money which can be recovered at the end of the lease when the tenant is moving out of the rental property.

To recover this bond money the tenant has to organize deep and thorough cleaning of the property know as bond cleaning. In case the tenant fails to restore the property in the same condition as it was provided then they must lose some part of the bond money. In some of the worst cases, the tenant has lost their complete bond money to bond cleaning.

Apart from cleaning, there are some other factors too that can stop you from recovering your bond money. For instance, any damage procured to the property during your stay or during your tenancy period will be recovered from your bond money unless you decide to repair it on your own before handing over the property. Another example can be unpaid bills of the services you took during your tenancy periods like water, electricity or telephone.

So, far we have discussed what is bond cleaning and what are the factors that are responsible for the loss of bond money. Most of the tenants will agree that with today’s busy schedule sometimes it get heck tick to organize bond cleaning at your rental property. Let’s discuss how we can simplify this complex task by organizing everything in an organized way.

Prepare In Advance

It is better to prepare in advance for the end of your lease and schedule everything instead of waiting for the end of the lease. Be aware of the date your lease is ending and do some research in advance such as what are the professional service providers have to offer with their services and their prices. It will save you from a lot of stress if you book a bond cleaning for your rental property in advance and you might also get an early bird discount as well. Also, book a mover in advance and make sure you clear all the due bills before the last day knocks at the door.

Hire Only Professionals

When booking service for your rental property whether a mover or cleaner, you should only trust a professional. You might not realize but there are a lot of benefits of hiring a professional for the work. For instance, if you hire a professional for bond cleaning of your rental property then you can relax as they have all the required experience for the job. They also have all the right expertise for delivering the highest quality cleaning output with their bond cleaning services. It is highly recommended by the property managers to hire only professionals for the bond cleaning of your rental property.

Double Check The Extras

Always double-check for the extras as all the cleaning service providers do not include everything in their bond cleaning service. For an instance, you might find that a cleaning service provider is including cleaning of your oven but not including rangehood and on the other hand another service provider is including microwave but not including oven and rangehood on the same price. Always ask the service provider for what is included and what is not included and try to cover the extra by your own on your week off which will help you save some money on bond cleaning.

If you keep these points in your mind and prepare for organizing bond cleaning at your rental property in advance then you might be able to organize a high-quality service without disturbing your work. Yes, we agree that it can get troublesome to organize a promising bond cleaning without taking time out from your work but if you follow above-mentioned things and take precautions then you can easily recover your bond without disturbing your work.

Don’t worry even if you are dealing with a fuzzy property manager, a professional cleaner can take care of it for you. With their bond cleaning services, they will be able to satisfy your property manager as well. They have good experience as well with which they can deliver a promising bond cleaning service.

These days there are a lot of cleaning service providers present in the market who pose as professionals but they only want your money. Beware of these scammers and hire only experienced professionals for bond cleaning services. Always make sure that they have a registered ABN (Australian Business Number ) and a good reputation in the market.

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