The Basics of Commercial Floor Cleaning

The Basics of Commercial Floor Cleaning

A clean workplace is the hallmark of a great company. When the environment is hygienic, the employees stay healthy and work harder, the clients respect the establishment and a general feeling of discipline prevails through the organisation.

Floor cleaning forms an important part of this cleaning procedure. It is the first thing we notice subconsciously about a place, which in turn forms an impression of the company in our minds. Thus, having the right floor cleaning equipment is extremely important. Read on to know the basics of commercial floor cleaning, which can turn any amateur into a pro!

1. Prevention 

The first important step is prevention. The commercial establishment should install certain features which prevent dust, dirt, and grime from collecting. For example, a floor matting program. These mats should be installed in high traffic areas (main-entrance, foyer etc. i.e., any place that is visible to visitors and could be seen as a reflection of the company). They could also be placed in some other spots such as near the steps or the elevator shaft. This captures the incoming dirt, thus, resulting in cleaner floors.

If your establishment is under construction, you could take a look at the colour of the floors to be installed. In comparison to a primarily dark colour or light colour floor, a patterned or marbleised floor has better dirt concealing characteristics. This will require less frequent cleaning.

2. Daily Maintenance 

The daily maintenance of the commercial floors can be done in the following manner, using the mentioned equipment:

  • a.Dust Mopping: The first motive should always be to remove the large, heavy debris from the floor. For this, the bristles of the dust mop should be strong enough to work on a commercial floor. Make sure the mop is clean and dry.
  • b.Dampened Mopping: In this step, the finer particles and oily deposits are removed from the floors. Take a clean mop head, dip it in clean water and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding dilution of the floor disinfectant you are using. This step helps in maintaining the sheen of the floor for long as it removes the embedded dirt and grease from the floor. You can choose from a variety of floor disinfectants for this, but remember to choose something that is more powerful than the home-cleaning variety.
  • c.Automatic Scrubbing: This is an extremely effective and efficient step which can replace dampened mopping. Automatic scrubbing machines are used to spread an industrial floor cleaner solution on the floor, then lightly scrub off the debris and finally, vacuum up the now dirty floor cleaning solution. This is an all-in-one approach which cleans faster than a vacuum or a mop.
  • d.High-Speed Burnishing: High-speed burnishing brings a long-lasting smooth shine much faster while also delaying the need for a recoat. Most burnishes also ensure that CO levels are minimized. They are designed to cover large areas at low maintenance costs. Large wheels and bumpers enhance the durability of the machine.

3. Interim Maintenance 

While routine cleaning is fine for day-to-day maintenance, every now then your floor needs deeper cleaning. In this kind of cleaning, first, the surface damage needs to be removed. Thereafter, a floor finishing/polishing chemical needs to be applied to bring back the original sheen of the floor. This kind of deep cleaning of the floor should ideally happen every 2-3 months.

4. Restoration

When the floor has darkened and a scrub or a recoat won’t do the trick, then restoration is the way to go. The floor thus needs to be stripped, sealed and refinished. Restoration of floors is a specialist job for professionals.
We hope this guide helped you to understand the basics of cleaning for your workplace. Let us know how you plan to clean your workplace in the comments below!

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