What is Bond Cleaning?

What is Bond Cleaning?

Bond Cleaning, also known as Exit Cleaning or End of Lease Cleaning is the thorough cleaning of your rental premises (whether residential or commercial) before vacating them at the end of your lease period. In other words, Bond Cleaning involves cleaning every nook and corner of your property deeply and handing over the premises in the same condition to the Landlord as it was at the time when you first took it on rent.

Bond Cleaning is one of the important legal requirements mentioned in your tenancy agreement which you have to fulfil to get back a hefty amount of money that you have deposited as a bond ( security deposit) when you first leased the premises. If you fail to perform Bond Cleaning properly as per regulatory guidelines or your Real Estate agent/ Landlord determines that there is any damage to the property and it is not properly cleaned it can lead you into big trouble. A claim may be lodged against your bond and you will be at greater risk of losing all of your hard-earned money or he may deduct a major amount from your deposit.

So, it is really important for you to understand the significance of the process of bond cleaning and perform comprehensive cleaning of your property in order for it to pass through the final inspection of Real Estate Property manager/ Landlord and easy clearance of bond deposit.

Bond cleaning is not an easy task. It requires your premises to look as it is newly constructed with all things neat and clean and in place. It requires a tremendous amount of time and effort on your side to get your full refund back without any obstacle. Bond cleaning can be performed by the tenants themselves or by the help of professionals who offer the best bond cleaning services.

Although you can perform bond cleaning yourself it is not advisable to do so. Instead of experimenting with it yourself and risking your hard-earned money, it is always best to get bond cleaning done by a reputed company that has highly experienced and bond cleaning staff. Professionals providing bond cleaning services make use of advanced techniques and the latest methods to ensure deep cleaning of the property. They are equipped with all the tools and machines needed for extensive cleaning. They have complete knowledge to make you sail through this bond cleaning process and get a hassle-free refund of your bond deposit. Hiring professionals will not only make your premises look brand new but will also help save your time, money and energy.

Moreover handing a well-cleaned property also speaks volumes about you. Along with bringing a hassle-free refund of your bond deposit it also outlines a good track record for you. It satisfies your current landlord expectations and serves as a good reference for your future tenancies. So it is advisable for you to take a wise decision, weighing all the factors when it comes to Bond Cleaning.

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