Get to Know The Different Types of Dental Crowns and Dental Crown Design

Get to Know The Different Types of Dental Crowns and Dental Crown Design

Dental Crowns are basically the permanent prosthetic device that is cemented on the existing implants or teeth directly. The crowns are also used in the dental field as dental bridges in a bid to fill the gap of the missing teeth. Nowadays, dental crowns are widely and popularly used due to several advantages it offers.  It is necessary that people know the different types of Dental Crown Design available and how it benefits them.

Ceramic Crown

A ceramic dental crown is the porcelain-based dental crown that is prescribed in density to restore the missing front teeth. Since it has the natural texture and color, it is efficiently used and it blends well with rest of the natural teeth. The ceramic crowns are not considered suitable for the premolars or molars because it tends to become brittle quickly, especially when it is exposed to any heavy biting or being forced for chewing foods.

Dental Crown Design

Porcelain Fused Metal Crowns

Another choice in Dental Crown Design is the porcelain fused metal crown. It is mostly being used in repairing damaged teeth. These metal crowns are fused with porcelain to give a blend of aesthetics and strength these crowns are used.   The porcelain portion of the dental crown offers the patients with the natural-looking artificial teeth, while the metal structure of the crown gives it strength and ultra-durability.

However, there is a drawback associated with this dental crown as the dentist would remove a reasonable amount of tooth structure to fix the porcelain fused metal crown.

Gold Alloy Crowns

The gold alloy used for Dental Crown Design comprises copper, gold and different metals in combination to give it the natural structure of teeth and ultra-durability to last for years to come. This crown design offers a variety of benefits compared to other dental crown designs. They are very durable and stronger and it never ruptures even when exposed to heavy biting forces.

The gold alloy crowns never wear out easily from the underlying tooth and it is biocompatible with the human gum tissues, making it the best choice for dental crowns.

Base Metal Alloys Crowns

The base metal alloy Dental Crown Design is another good choice for dental crowns and for a variety of good reasons. It is resistant to corrosion and stronger than other crowns. The crown design also comprises of some metals which are considered gentle and friendly for the adjacent teeth and gums. During the procedure, the dentist will scoop out the least healthy part of the tooth to obtain the best results.

Why Dental Crowns are Used?

Dental crown designs not only protect the decaying teeth but also increase the chewing functions and help in filling the gaps. They are also the main reason behind the mesmerizing smile of several patients. Below are some of the common reasons to opt for these dental crowns.

  • Protect the weak tooth that has undergone decay or breakage
  • Support tooth with a larger filling
  • Restore the worn or the broken teeth
  • Covers the misshapen or discolored teeth
  • Covers dental implants
  • Hold dental bridge firmly
  • Makes cosmetic alteration for an aesthetically alluring smile

The dental crowns are used for dental patients of all ages and the Dental Crown Design is decided based on the condition and age of the dental patients. Consulting a dentist is necessary to know the best-suited designs for dental crowns.

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