11 Essential Steps to Run an Effective PPC Campaign

11 Essential Steps to Run an Effective PPC Campaign

Pay per click or PPC advertising is a web-based advertising form that is used to generate clicks and converting traffic to a website. It is a method of steering traffic to the site by utilizing keywords that are relevant to the services that a business offers. The technique basically means the advertiser has to pay a definite amount of money to the publisher whenever the ads get clicked by the users. In the search engine marketing campaign, PPC is one of the most productive techniques. However, if you are not pursuing the best practices of PPC or your advertisement campaigns are not fully optimized then it will positively impact your ROI.

How to Execute the PPC Campaign?

If you also do not know how to execute PPC campaign then here are some of the essential measures that you should follow before commencing a PPC campaign strategy.

PPC Campaign

1.Goal Setting

It is essential to determine the goal of the PPC campaign. Establishing an ad goal will allow you to navigate the campaign productively. You should always try to discover the ad objective and concentrate upon the same while planning the strategies of the campaign. Your marketing objective or ad objective can be used for brand awareness, to increase website traffic, lead generation and boosting the overall sale of the website. You should plan ad strategies for every objective. It is because this will help you to accomplish your goals.

2.Selecting the Platform

There are numerous platforms which can be utilized for PPC ads. Some of them are Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook. That means you should select the platform wisely and make a ground plan for the ad campaign strategy, corresponding to it. However, for the PPC campaigns, Google is the most productive and effective platform. Google also provides an advertising interface known as Google Adwords. This can be engaged to make an outline and publish Google ads. Correspondingly, Facebook ads and Bing ads feather all essential interfaces for a productive PPC campaign.

3.Plan Targeting

Once you have set your campaign objectives and selected the most suited platform for your advertisements, the next phase involves planning your ad target. This means you have to determine the most suited audience. There are two kinds of targeting. You can use a specific geographic location to target the audience, or you can also enhance the campaign by specifying particular operating systems, specific device types and wireless networks.


With the help of geographic targeting you can run the campaigns in the locations selected by you. You can choose a specific country, area within the bounds of a country, city, or a particular radius around a location. Geographic targeting allows you to concentrate upon the ad campaigns running in specific situations. That means you can use it for the locations where there is a significant possibility of getting the desired clients and restricting the places where there are no possibilities of getting clients. This will help to enhance the ROI of the firm easily. Selecting the right geographic areas can considerably assist in optimizing the campaigns to get better outcomes. So make sure to recognize the areas, regions, states, or countries where the ad campaigns will perform favorably.

5.Device Targeting

All of us are aware of the sudden change in device usage. Currently, device targeting has become an essential task. It is because a vast majority of the users are turning towards their smartphones to browse the web. You can utilize device targeting to connect with a wide audience through any device. With the help of device targeting, you can personalize your ad campaigns different for operating system users and mobile device users. Through this method, you can target clients using different operating systems as well as mobile users.

6.Keyword Research

Keyword research is a consecutive and time-consuming task. You should always construct a list of major keywords while planning the ad campaign. You should continuously enhance and increase the keyword list with highly relevant, low cost, and long-tail keywords. One of the essential steps that should be followed during the keyword research is to examine all the underperforming, high-cost keywords. Make sure to extract these keywords from your keyword lists.

7.Effective and Productive Ad Text

Did you know that the text present in the ad plays a significant role in making your ad successful? It is a type of marketing communication which can be used to advertise products and services on various search platforms. If you want to make your ad campaign productive, then make sure to add attractive promotion and discounts, at least one primary keyword and a call to action. Multiple factors affect the quality score of the ad campaigns, and ad text is one of them. It should be exclusive and engaging. You can push searchers to click on your ads by adding a strong call to action and including a discount amount in the ad. You should use action words such as register today, sign up now, order now or buy now.

8.Add Ad Extensions

An ad extension allocates extra advantages to your PPC advertising. You should definitely utilize these extensions to improve the ad campaigns. You can also display additional information with the ads such as phone number, address, additional web page links or store ratings. Ad extensions guarantee high CTR as they have the tendency to make your ad campaign more prominent and relevant. It also helps in enhancing the quality score of ad campaigns.

According to Google- if there are two rivaling ads with same quality and bid, then the ad campaign with more appropriate extensions will be displayed in a higher position than the other.

9.Ad Scheduling

If you want to optimize your ad strategy then ad scheduling is an essential task. With this alternative, you can display your ad campaign during the business hours so that you can handle all the customer inquiries instantly or on certain days. You can also display them whenever a client tries to search online. You are going to get distinguishable performance outcomes on different hours of a day and different days of the week. Due to this, it becomes more essential to check the outcomes of your ads on different hours and days. This will help you to get the most suitable time and day for your business. That means you can utilize this information to increase the exposure of your product and
services. Try to alter the bid for less for less achieving days and hours.

10.Optimize the Landing Pages

One of the essential factors in evaluating the ad quality score by Google is to assess the landing page quality. A landing page is a place where the clients are redirected after clicking on the ad. Remember that your clients will be unable to complete the buying process if they are landing on an unrelated page. A landing page should have call to action buttons such as “buy now” or “subscribe here,” and it should consist of complete details about the products and services. You should ensure to optimize landing pages for every ad copy if you are trying to create plenty of ads for the products and services.

11.Use Google Analytics

If you are running PPC ad campaigns, then you should ensure to track and monitor the productivity of your PPC campaigns. You should be aware of the things that are working for you and the things which are not working. If you are using the Google Adwords tool for publishing the ads on the Google search platforms, then you should utilize Google Analytics to get detailed insights about the user’s response. You should also pay attention to the bounce rate of the website. It will tell you about the users who visited your sites but did not execute any action. The conversion and CTR rate of the campaign will help you to optimize the landing page and PPC campaign.

If you want to make your PPC campaign more effective then you should follow a refining and continuous research. Make sure not to pursue a set it and forget it system for your PPC campaigns. You should always try to explore to understand the behavior of the users. Try to explore the most suitable hours, days and profitable keywords. Start planning for the daily budget on Adwords campaign to invest wisely.

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