6 Reasons Why your Business Needs Blogging

6 Reasons Why your Business Needs Blogging

Believe it or not, blogging started as a way for people to keep an online journal or diary. Yes, the word “blog” comes from “weblogs” which literally was known as an outlet for individuals to vocalize their thoughts either publicly or privately. Blogging may have begun its journey as a diary, but it has metamorphosed into a completely new avatar in recent years. Blogging is now a power term that shapes opinions and adds values to the lives of the readers. A digital marketing company in Pune says that people have blogs of various kinds from fashion to automobile to humor and all of them have their own audience.

Once blogging picked up, many businesses identified the inbuilt value of a blog. They also forayed into the world of “Business Blogging” and reaped great benefits from it. A digital marketing service in Pune has compiled a list of reasons as to why you need to get into business blogging:

It Drives Up The Website’s Traffic

We all know that website traffic helps in keeping a business afloat. We all want more and more people to come to our website and check out our cool products, services and engage with our brand.

As per a digital marketing agency in Pune, business blogging definitely drives up the website traffic. It attracts your target audience, not because of paid marketing gimmicks but because of a certain value addition your blogs are giving to them in real life.

For example, if you are art products based stationery brand, then blogs like “how to paint with watercolors” or “oil paintings versus acrylic paintings what suits your technique better” are something that will bring your website higher traffic and the perfect target audience without spending any money.

It Boosts Your Rank In SERPs

SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) are the webpages that a search engine shows as a response to user’s queries. If your website shows up organically on the first page of SERPs, then it means you are doing a great job on the SEO of your website.

According to a digital marketing company in Pune, blogs give fresh content to a search engine crawler to index. The more frequent your blog posts the more your web page gets indexed on Google.

Indexing is a basic step that leads to the best SEO results. If you are concerned with the SEO for your brand then blogs are a good way to build on-page SEO on your website. Blogs boost your organic traffic and ranking on Google.

It Sets You Apart From Your Competition

One of the most important reasons why you need to get into business blogging is that it will set you miles apart from your competition. Regularly blogging about topics that concern not just your company but the industry as a whole reflects well on your brand.

As per research from a digital marketing service in Pune, people tend to trust brands who have a holistic view of the industry they are in. They like brands who go out of their way to educate them and inform them through blogs.

For example, if you are a pharma company then blogs about “pharma laws and regulations”, “best practices within the industry” or “common diseases and how best to treat them” will make you a thought leader in your field.

It also starts giving your brand an image of the High Authority and visibility in the market. In the opinion of a digital marketing agency in Pune, blogging may or may not directly show positive results immediately, but it will strengthen your brand’s image and reputation in the economy.

It Increases Customer Engagement

The best part about blogging is that it gives you an opportunity to engage with your customers in a meaningful way. Blogging opens the doors to social media access and conversations about the brand.

Every blog brings shareability with it, according to a digital marketing company in Pune. Shareability means allowing the link to your blog to be shared on various social media platforms. Blogs can be shared on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. They allow you to understand the perspective of the customers and how they are looking at your brand.

It Can Be Utilised For Lead Generation

Blogs that are engaging and informative tend to have better results with lead generation, according to a study by a digital marketing service in Pune. As a reader, if I am reading a blog that has given me some new knowledge and it comes with a “Call To Action” then I am more likely to execute the Call To Action.

The Call To Action could be something as simple as “Subscribe to our mailing list” to “Check our latest offers”. Blogs are a good place for lead generation since they attract new people to your website. They open up an arena of prospective customers who are ready to share their information with you in exchange for good content.

It Is A Great Stomping Ground For Future Plans

A business blog is the best place to test products you wish to launch. You can gauge how the product will actually do in the market based on the response to the blog, in the opinion of a digital marketing company in Pune.

Blogs give you the freedom to try new marketing strategies before spending the money on an actual campaign. They are also very useful when you need to create a buzz around your business.

Business blogs don’t need to drab infomercials about your business, neither do they need to be outright ads for different products or services. With a blog, you have the freedom to tailor it to suit the personality and values of your brand. It is a good platform for finding a way to connect with your target audience for a longer duration than a simple transaction cycle. Good blogs have a good recall value in the minds of customers, as per a digital marketing agency in Pune.

Blogs which have regular posts and high-quality content lead to impressive results for any business website. But once again, patience is key. Do not expect overnight success or high traffic. Although building a loyal reader base takes time, once you do build it, it can easily lead to a high CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

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