7 On-Page SEO Factors that Google Loves

7 On-Page SEO Factors that Google Loves

This is the age of online shopping, where 60% of global shoppers prefer to purchase online and 81% of shoppers are habitual of conducting online research before making a purchase. It is therefore the age of digital marketing


With a majority of shoppers researching online, businesses are turning to search engine optimization strategies to get found. Are you also aiming for making your website rank well in the search engine result pages (SERPs)? How to know if your business website is optimized properly?

Read on to know the top on-page ranking factors that affect your Google search engine rankings the most.

1. Keyword Research

The most important part of any SEO strategy is keyword research. You should always target keywords that are the most relevant to your business and the products or services you offer, and they should have high search volume. Analyse the keywords your competitors are targeting. The types of keywords that work best for most businesses:

  • Informational keywords: The keywords related to your topic such as ‘on-page SEO’ for this article
  • Transactional keywords: Long tail keywords with adjectives like ‘best’ or ‘top’, which compel users to make a purchase, such as ‘best on-page SEO services’ for this article
  • Location-based keywords: Keywords targeting local business, such as ‘on-page SEO company in Jaipur’ for this article

You should include keywords from all these three categories to optimize your website content better.

2. SEO-Friendly URLs

Practice making short and keyword rich URLs, as shorter and crisp URLs rank better in Google. For example, instead of company.com/23-2-18/category/title, use to-the-point URL like company.com/article-keyword. This makes your content more searchable and user-friendly, leading to quality traffic.

3. Title Tag

Your title is one of the most important on-page SEO factors. You should place your keyword in the title itself, as closer to the beginning of it as possible. A keyword in the beginning of your title has effective search weight. You can make your content rank for long-tail keywords by adding words like ‘best’, ‘guide’, ‘2018’ and ‘review’ to your title.

Experts providing SEO services in Jaipur or elsewhere suggest that your title should always be enclosed within  tags.

4. Good Content with the Right Keywords

The reason why majority of people visit your website is because of the content. Thus, it is important to publish user-friendly content that is relevant, timely and answers the needs and interests of your potential customers. While the content you share should be easy to read, informative and helpful for your readers, optimizing it with the right keywords is equally important to make it appear in searches. It is a good practice to drop your keyword in the first 100 words of the blog or the web page content.

5. Multimedia

Visitors enjoy a variety of content more, rather than just lengthy textual pieces. You should ensure that your web pages contain a mix of engaging images, videos, process charts, infographics or other drawings, to grab the attention of your readers. This will help in reducing bounce rate and increasing the average time spent on your website. The two of these would eventually help in improving your overall SERP rankings.

6. Subheadings

Rather than endless, long textual content at one go, categorise the content of your blog or web page into relevant subheadings. This practice enhances the readability of your content and makes users stay. Wrap your subheadings in tags and include your keyword in at least one of the subheadings.

7. Website Speed

In today’s fast-moving lifestyle, it’s all about the speed. Nearly half of the users would leave a site that doesn’t load within 3 seconds and 75% users wouldn’t re-visit a website that took longer than 4 seconds to load. Thus, it is essential to optimize your website for speed to make it user-friendly and rank well in search engines.

You can do this by compressing images, using a CDN, optimizing plugins and images, minimising redirects and switching to a faster hosting.

Check your website for all the above on page optimization factors. This is a simple yet perfect checklist for ranking well and driving more organic traffic to your website. Get found online!

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