9 Top ideas to Post on Instagram to Get More Followers

9 Top ideas to Post on Instagram to Get More Followers

When we have to post on Instagram regularly, it is really easy to run out of ideas. The basic thing is to upload and share unique content daily to keep your followers happy and satisfied with you. In this scenario, if you repeatedly post the same boring content, it can upset your followers. There is nothing more to worry about as we have gathered some amazing ideas for posting things on Instagram as well as more and more Instagram followers on Instagram to keep your followers happy. We get to do it. Instagram posts running out of ideas? Here are some unique and great ideas for you !!

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# Craft Your Own Mem

Currently, there is nothing more popular than memes on social media platforms including Instagram.  There are many brands and businesses out there that use this formula to amaze their followers. And of course, followers always love custom memes, especially those that specifically have their favorite brand ambassador.

# Photos of your own products appeal

Every business or brand posts simple pictures of products, no matter what profile they are on. But, if you choose not to be normal and want to be creative with it. It is not always necessary to go for expensive shoots etc. You can simply organize your product line in such a way that it stands out. For example, you are selling cosmetics. You can post pictures of yourself or your friend using some specific cosmetic products from your brand.


As a professional company or brand, from your childhood or adulthood, it may seem funny to post your personal photos. Conversely, followers always love to know their favorite brand on a personal level. When you post photos from your past memories, they like and appreciate it.

#Videos that hold priceless advice

As a business or brand, we always post promotional material on our social media account. Sometimes, it can annoy your followers to see promotional posts all the time. In this scenario, if you choose to share a short video with free and valuable advice for them, they will definitely like it. Followers always see you speaking and communicating through video. It shows that you take care of them in addition to business.

# Share other account content

It is not always necessary to create separate unique posts for every social media account. As a brand or business, you definitely hold other social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, if you don’t have enough time, you can take screenshots from any of your favorite Facebook or Twitter posts And can post on Instagram. This not only saves your efforts but also promotes your other social accounts.

# Pictures with inspirational quotes

This idea is for the quiet typographers out there who have artistic minds. People always like to read inspirational quotes with attractive pictures. But you have to keep in mind that these quotes are not copied otherwise it may damage your reputation. Amazing photos with inspirational quotes are always liked by people.


Creating a tutorial definitely demands time from your end but it is something that your followers will really like. If your tutorials become popular, people will start sharing them and you will get Instagram followers over time because of this. There is no limit to creating a tutorial. You can choose anything to create short video tutorials that you specialize in. For example, if you can make an amazing change with easy tips, then go for it. If you are an artist and have good command, you can also do tutorials.

# Show them your supporting side

Who does not suffer from scope and productivity? If you choose to post your photos or short videos showing your office setup to your followers, they will definitely like to see it. There is no need to be more organized or professional. You can catch the mess of your notes with a laptop and a mug of coffee and remove the bottom pen. If you choose not to organize things, your followers will still like it.

# Countdown

Last but not least the idea is to post the countdown if you have some product or entire product line to launch soon. You can post everything with the number of days left with simple but attractive captions. This definitely arouses enthusiasm in your existing followers. Furthermore, it doesn’t let them forget about this and you also get new Instagram followers for their amazing launch.

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