Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Hashtag Feed On Your Website

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Hashtag Feed On Your Website

Instagram caters to over 500 million people daily. This makes Instagram a high potential marketing platform for your brand. Using Instagram for marketing your brand is the perfect solution. Instagram Hashtags usage can lead to results as you’ve never seen before.

How does Instagram Hashtag feed work?

When somebody posts any content on Instagram, it is usually accompanied by a caption and a few hashtags. These hashtags help organize and categorize the content people upload on Instagram. This way content discovery and organization become easier. 

Benefits of embedding Instagram Hashtag Feed on your website:

1. Increases Dwell Time and Decreases Bounce Rate

Instagram Hashtag Feed gives your website visitors an overview of your brand and its products. The feed consists of visually appealing content such as images and videos which attract the attention of the users and increase their dwell time. After exploring your brand and products through UGC and watching the product in action, most users decide to make a purchase of products they liked decreasing the bounce rate.

2. Creates UGC Content

A single hashtag has the power to generate UGC if advertised and promoted properly. There are various brands that generate UGC through their branded hashtags, for example, Calvin Klien uses #MyCalvins. 

When your users generate content and mention your branded hashtags, they aware more people of your brand and build brand trust.

3. Easy Discovery of Content

Hashtags are used to segregate and compartmentalize content according to their themes or significances. It makes it easier to discover content later.

For example, a boy posts a picture of him trekking in India. If he uses #trekking, #India or #trekkinginIndia, anyone searching for such hashtags will be able to see his picture.

4. Encourages Audience Interaction

Hashtags can clarify your motive to post certain content and make the viewers understand your story. It can also motivate them to share their personal stories or add any comments that can help you track any issues faced by the consumers. This will help you boost user engagement.

5. Increases Product Visibility

As I mentioned earlier, hashtags help segregate content. This can help your product visibility to increase immensely that too for relevant audiences only. Anybody who is searching for a product that you sell will simply search for it as a hashtag and get results.

For example, if you’re selling wallets and one searches for #wallets, your post will appear if you have mentioned the given hashtag in the caption.

6. Leads to increase in conversion rate

When somebody searches for products and services through hashtags, they are willing to buy them. If your brand comes across, they would not hesitate to go ahead and make a purchase. 

Also if you have embedded your Instagram Hashtag Feed on website, using the correct hashtags can get your wall to be quite attractive and meaningful that will lead to higher conversions.

7. Promoting Seasonal Posts and Offers or Giveaways

Holidays are a great season for promoting and advertising your products, hashtags make it easier to do so. You can utilize popular hashtags such as #seasonaloffers or #holidaysale for better results and higher visibility. Same goes for giveaways, you can use hashtags such as #giveaway or #festivegiveaway for promoting your giveaways.


You should definitely try using Instagram Hashtag on your website. It will get you great results and the benefits are already mentioned above. Go on and start now!

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