Best Content Marketing Company in Gurgaon

Best Content Marketing Company in Gurgaon

Blogging is an important factor when SEO is taken into consideration…!

In the field of SEO and SMO, what is the most important thing in your opinion…? A survey says that the answer to this question “the content”. 60 to 70 people out of hundreds of market gigs believe that the content is the key to effective SEO. the content mainly contains the blog on the site. The relatable content on the site attracts more and more audience leading to a better rank of the online portal. Now, Why blogging?  What’s the reason that blogging should be done effectively to raise the rank of the site? Here are some reasons that manana innovation believes which is the best Content Marketing Company in Gurgaon.

More effective the content, more is the traffic-

The online portal is successful and is doing better when it has got a better rank and the trust of people. The main reason behind getting a good rank is continuity. Businesses that publish regular and relevant content receive 8x more traffic than usual. Blogging helps you to reduce overall marketing spend by more than 60%. Blogging results into 3x more leads. Not only the traffic but also you create an image of your business in the eyes of your believers. Blogging helps to create value for your potential customers and current customers and it inspires other people by providing value through educating. When blogging is paired with SEO, you can turn your online portal into a traffic machine through blogging.

Blogging helps to optimize Your Blog to Capture Leads-

Only posting content will not help you to get leads. Think about it, if blogs bring traffic to your site, the next step is to find the way to turn that traffic into leads. The best way to do so is through lead magnets. Take this into your mind that a lead magnet is a free item or you can say it a service that is given away with the purpose of gathering contact details. Popular examples of lead magnets are ebooks, checklists, calculators, trial discounts and free consultations. Lead magnets can typically appear as a pop-up, on the sidebar of your blog or it can pop up within the blog.

Advanced SEO Strategy: E-A-T

In the SEO world, there are many famous terminologies. Likewise here an acronym that has been thrown around a lot and it is E-A-T. it stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. This world is full of creative minds and that’s why the competition is much higher than you think. So, creating just good content is not enough. Google is no longer interested to rank just “good” content websites. Now, they are more concerned about a piece of content that ranks accurate and can attract the potential searcher. 

Manana innovation can help you to understand more strategies like this and can help you to get a good rank in search engines. As manana is the Best Content Marketing Company in Gurgaon, so you can be totally worry free and you can trust us with your online portal. We will be happy to help. Following site will lead you to an online portal of manana innovation. Visit it once and be sure about what you are getting.

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