Best SMO Company in Gurgaon Manana Innovations

Best SMO Company in Gurgaon Manana Innovations

 Be the brand maker with manana innovation!

When you are working as an SEO handler and in the field of online branding then the customer is your main priority. If you want to be successful then get clear about the emotions you want your customers to associate with your brand. If you want your clients to feel good about themselves, there is one most important way to do so and that prioritizes your customer’s choices of visuals. Let’s take an example, you need to focus on the feature images or videos of individuals with different hairstyles, skin colour, body size, or even those with disabilities who feel good about how they live and look and who they are now. If you want to emphasize feelings of home, family, and belonging then focus on showing family members of various ages celebrating, travelling, having fun or bonding over a meal. Emotional connect is needed when you go for advertising and attracting the target audience. 

Here are some ways that manana suggests to imply when it comes to online branding and making your online portal more interesting and attractive.  

1) Use Fonts which Exude Your Brand Personality

Together with colours and images that you add to the online portal, the fonts you choose are also responsible to make a good impression on your target clients. Brand Personality is an important factor when online branding is taken into consideration. When choosing a font, think about the brand personality, what you want to tell your audience, how strong is the message..? Which are the traits you want to emphasize? These questions will trigger the ideas of using new and impactful designs as well as fonts. Choose the fonts that convey personality. You can make this process more smoother by zeroing in on a font category that matches your selected brand personality. These are six font categories with their meanings shortlisted by manana innovation which is one of the Best SMO Companies in Gurgaon.

  • Serif: traditional, trustworthy
  • Sans-serif: modern, minimalist
  • Slab serif: confident
  • Script: elegant
  • Handwritten: informal, artistic, 
  • Decorative: dramatic, distinct

If you want to emphasize creativity and go for more creativeness then go for handwritten fonts like Patrick Hand. To exude a minimalist vibe, you can use a Sans-serif font like Source Sans Pro. but before choosing the font and make the final decision, make sure that they are easily readable and Displays well across all the platforms, from print to desktops, tablets, and mainly on mobile.

2) Use Compact, Genuine Or Relatable Taglines Or Slogans

The taglines make you special and attract the audience. The titles are important when you add any content on the online portal. Manana innovation which is considered as the best SMO Company can help you to get this. As today’s marketing and purchasing decisions focus more on building relationships as well as dialoguing with customers through social media, taglines and slogans seem to have slid in importance. So you got to be good at building words. 

Manana innovation is the best choice to make when it comes to SEO and SMO. do visit the link below to know more.

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