Most Common Misconception About Dropshipping Debunked

Most Common Misconception About Dropshipping Debunked

One of the things that bugs me the most is that people get into dropshipping thinking it’s a get rick quick scheme, when it couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m tired of repeating to my clients that there is no substitute for hard work, dedication and persistence. For that reason, you cannot skip any steps, especially when it comes to finding new products and carrying out shopify product research.

What about a trade war with China?

A couple things on that first: We do not recommend dropshipping from China. So if I was directly in that business would I be worried right now if I was Drop Shipping from China, honestly, I probably would. I would definitely be looking a lot closer on at it then I’m looking at what we do. What we do and what I recommend you do is work with domestic Brands. So for me that means suppliers in the States, if you’re watching this from Australia, that means suppliers in Australia, if you’re in the UK, that means suppliers in the UK. There’s absolutely no way around learning how to drive traffic to your shopify store.

With this whole tax and tariff thing, even if Products that come from China to our suppliers here in the States get more expensive, it might happen and then maybe suppliers raise our product cost. But guess what, then the product cost to the customer goes up and you know, everything kind of works itself out, so I’m not worried about it. You shouldn’t be either, especially not if you’re on the SaleSource dropshipping model. So again with us, I wouldn’t worry about it if you are relying on Drop Shipping from China, perhaps re-evaluate your business.

Is Drop Shipping dead because Facebook and Google ads are really expensive.

They’re really not, if you want to say that things are expensive now because 10 years ago, they were Dirt Cheap well guess what ten years from now people are going to say in 2019 things were so cheap. Yes ad costs go up. Yes, as more competition goes to different platforms, bids get higher and higher and higher whether you use shopify chrome extension or not.

Does that mean there’s no a market? Absolutely not. What it does mean is you can’t just be someone who’s trying to game the system, someone that doesn’t want to learn anything, someone that believes they can click a few buttons and Google and get rich. Guess what that’s dead. Maybe if you were one of the first advertisers on Google that was a real thing, but that mindset that business has been gone a long time. Now, if you’re a real business owner, you get into this because you actually want to build something of value that serves your customers and you, then guess what ad costs are still ridiculously underpriced.

Yes on Google. Yes on Facebook. Of course, you have to run them at the right way. So yes, it’s not dead, because traffic costs are up again. Just wait 10 years people are going to say you had so much opportunity back in 2020, and I can’t believe you didn’t do, everything and start a business and build it. Don’t look back with regret, do this now and look back and be like, wow, that was an amazing ride.

Dropshipping is dead – every niche is taken.

First of all, if you think every niche is taken – you’re not using the right product research tools. Oberlo is currently the best, but you can use plenty of oberlo alternatives, if you’re on a tight budget. You want to be involved in a niche that other people are in, if you have some idea for a product that nobody is selling that’s a not a good thing. I mean even back when I started in early 2008, I did not want to be the first one to ever try to sell something online. That’s not how this business model works. You want to find the markets that has competition, you want to identify their weaknesses, your future competitors and then you want to start competing with them.

That leads into other commonly asked question that we get at SaleSource:

Why would a supplier work with me?

I’m brand new and there’s established websites that have been doing this for so long. That’s true. But if you’re actually a real player here, meaning you’re trying to build a real business again, you’re not trying to you know game any system or get in for a quick Buck. If you’re trying to build something real then the good suppliers are more than willing to work with you. They want Partnerships like the ones they have with me and my students and you if you follow a proven system. And again, if you focus on building a real business, if you’re trying to rush everything to make quick money, Guess what? The suppliers that won’t work with you now, they wouldn’t have wanted to work with you 10 years ago either. The thing that maintains, is if you have integrity and you’re building a business for the right reason, you will be rewarded in many different ways so you can speaking of that.

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