4 Digital Marketing Services to Improve Your Community

4 Digital Marketing Services to Improve Your Community

If you want to find a digital marketer, it can be quite annoying. There are many out there, and not many are good. However, once you can find one, they can help build up your site and then make a community that’s overall better.

When you’re a content marketer, you need to learn how to build websites or even blogs. But when you have poor experience designing websites from scratch, a CMS can help. You can upload images, edit the sites, and make it overall easy to deal with the many challenges of designing a community.

Let’s look at four services that can help make the process much easier.

Why Digital Marketing Services?

Well, they help with building websites, and for the newbies out there, it can be a bit complicated. Luckily, if you sit down and work through this, you’ll be able to understand.

The benefits of digital marketing services include the following:

  • A place to host your site
  • Reliable domains that people can find
  • You can go through the steps with the site in order to create the ideal space for you

There are forums everywhere if you need help.

There are so many great CMSes to figure out, and you can learn how to put together a website that really works. This guide will help you figure out what’s right for you.


WordPress is a CMS that’s one of the easiest to use. You can see plenty of sites that use it, and because of its easiness, most people can use it with no problem. You may just need to take a Word document, put it into WordPress, and there we go. WordPress is great for blogging, and it’s what its initial use can be. However, if you install new plugins and apps, you can make it usable with other websites. For example, SuperCache is a plugin that optimizes all the aspects of websites.


It’s an easy site that’s good for all skill levels. You don’t need too much experience to use WordPress, and even if you’re still confused, its tutorials and how-to guides can get you started. Someone who has never designed a site in their life should have no problem picking it up and then gradually learning the more complex aspects of WordPress, such as its plugins and whatnot.

However, this simplicity can be its downfall as well. Because it’s easy to use, it sometimes does not work well with bigger websites. It is possible to create more advanced sites with it, but it’s not what WordPress is known for. Look elsewhere if you need something extremeDigital Marketing Servicesly advanced with a thriving community.


Joomla sounds like a fitness program, doesn’t it? Anyway, it’s free, open-source, and it has won awards for a good reason.

Joomla is one of the best out there because it has multiple benefits, including the following:

  • A very easy interface
  • An award-winning program
  • It’s open-source, so it’s simple to use
  • It takes applications to the next level
  • You have a strong community with it

These alone are reasons to consider Joomla, and we’ll go into below why these are all important to understand.

Its framework is state of the art and you can make some applications that are great. The community makes this as well, making it one of the strongest website software out there. It’s great for advanced users and yet user-friendly for newbies. It has multiple languages as well.Digital Marketing Services to Improve Your Community

A web agency would love Joomla as well. This is because it’s easy to learn, and yet you can grow a lot of great websites from it.


So how does it compare with, let’s say, Drupal? It’s less complex than that. However, it does have more complexity than WordPress. This isn’t to say it’s hard; it’s quite easy for anyone to use. You can create a website with many complex features. If you ever wanted a detailed fire safety plan Melbourne, they have you covered. It’s an overall good program.

Whether you’re developer-focused, or you just want something simple, Drupal has you covered. It can support most website types and you can make an incredible community out of it. We say that it’s definitely worth checking out.


Some people who need a site that is advanced and versatile should look for Drupal. Drupal is also a platform that has plenty of users and can be the best place if you need more data organization. Because of its versatility, it’s a site that you can find some online stores using. It can take the content and organize, tag, and put it in other listings if you so please. You can use its Pressflow plugin. This allows you to improve key areas like scalability and performance. Caching is a breeze thanks to Drupal.

However, Drupal is not user-friendly. This means that you may need more technical experience. Sometimes, it may be best to go use another website builder first if you’ve never touched one of these in your life. However, if you can use it, you can create some complex sites. And it’s learning how to be easier to use through updates, which add to it and correct anything as well. If you can’t be committed, look elsewhere. However, if you’re willing to learn it, you can gain a whole lot out of Drupal.


Also, Drupal has a great community, meaning that if you need any questions answered, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask. They won’t get upset if you have a question or a concern about the product.


Finally, let’s look at Grav. This is a CMS that’s simple, yet effective. You don’t need any databases, it’s completely open source, and all you need to do is unzip some files.

Grav overall gives you a great performance, and all you need to do is take files and mark them down. No databases that make your head scratch. It’s great if you don’t want to have any frustrating features or be bogged down with jargon. Its API is tough, it can give you hooks, and it’s great for designers. With its Flexible Twig template, you can make creations in a manner that gives variety and flexibility. It’s great for newcomers, and also good for masters as well.

When using Grav, remember the following:

  • It does perform well
  • You will need to work the files down
  • There aren’t any databases, so you might get confused
  • It’s got the toughest API of them all
  • It’s probably our least favorite, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad.


As you’re picking a service to help you with your design, the choice depends on how experienced you are and whether or not you want to take a long time to learn it. It can also depend on what you need. Do you want to work on a process and understand its complexities, or do you just need to make a site. What about your client? If your client has no web experience, Joomla and WordPress are good. Otherwise, the other services may be good as well.

All of them have their uses, and we cannot recommend one over the other, to be honest. Instead, you should look at all of them and see which one is the best for your situation. Chances are, you can find one that works for you.

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