Email Marketing How It Has Become Integral in Digital Marketing

Email Marketing How It Has Become Integral in Digital Marketing

How Marketing Tactics have changed in today’s world

Get over hoardings, posters and microphone announcements – digital marketing is gradually emerging as the most sought-after method in marketing. Email marketing has been in the works ever since the growth and development of ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). It slowly began being promoted as a more direct way of communication between businesses and their respective prospects/customers. More often than not, people refer to these emails as “spam” emails which are mostly regarded as unsolicited emails which can be blocked or filtered out of the inbox of the receiver using certain settings.

What are the types of emails that get sent in email marketing?

Broadly, for marketing purposes, email marketing involves sending two types of emails.

First, comes direct emails. These emails are mostly not personalized/suited as per the customer’s needs and may include the promotional offers, or product codes that the company is offering. The customer who receives it has a 50/50 chance of finding what he has received to be useful, or it might turn out to be completely useless.

The second type of email, transactional email, is more customer specific. These emails are direct responses triggered by some action which has been performed on their business website/portal. These may include confirmation of any order which you have made, emails which provide the link with your unique, personalized login information or emails with password reset links.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing has come a long way since its inception, and there are a wide variety of reasons why email marketing is chosen by businesspersons as one of their preferred modes of transaction.

Email marketing provides better speed than traditional costs, and the added bonus is the fact that the majority of the cost is incurred by the recipient of these bulk emails. ESP (Email Service Provider) is a tool used by most large-scale businesses and organizations who track the behavior of potential customers and collect useful data about their preferences. This is an important application of data science as well. Statistics say that
American users check their emails more frequently compared to Indian users. Their email activity is truly remarkable.

Email marketing is one of the ways to successfully convert leads to active customers and despite the use and misuse of the term “spam” in emails, email marketing has become more relevant in today’s digitized world.

If you are someone in a business or an organization, you can have your own personalized email which will produce much better results when it comes to being a major communication channel. Email is shown to produce much better client conversions, time and again.

What does opt-in mean in email marketing?

Opt-in is a term which is used in case of email marketing, for both unconfirmed/single opt-in and confirmed/double opt-in. Opt-in actually refers to the scenario produced when an individual is given the option to receive bulk email messages from a certain business or organization. Unconfirmed/single opt-in refers to the instance when someone inputs their email address to any third party portal voluntarily and they may receive email messages from the same; however, it is to be noted here that no confirmation email is sent to the individual concerned to verify their identity. In case of confirmed opt-in, the email address of the user is sent to be subscribed to the mailing list of the website and they do receive a confirmation email as well to verify their identity to the organization. In some cases, it is only after they have sent a positive response to the organization confirming their identity that they are given access to the services and products offered by them which is visible on their website.

What is Lead Magnet in Email Marketing?

Consider the following scenario:

You are appearing for some competitive exam, like the CAT, for getting into a good MBA college for your post-graduation. You are searching online for some resources and study materials for starters. You search what you need on Google and land on a website who is offering you the past years’ solved CAT question papers. Eager, you click on the download link. A dialog box pops up on your screen which asks you to sign up for their website and create a free account for yourself. Only if you fulfill this condition, you can download the much- coveted solved question papers in your laptop in PDF format. This set of question papers is only one of the mere examples of a lead magnet, something which you use to attract potential customers and most of the time, they work effectively, just like you want them to because with the advent of the internet, everybody is in need of online resources. It is efficient and saves valuable time. Lead magnets can be in the form of eBooks, PDF’s, webinars, free samples or trials, self-assessments or tests. We do require lead magnets to derive the desired know how of the various online portals which are becoming absolutely necessary in today’s world. This can be understood considering this simple example. Suppose you are unable to grasp what your professor is teaching in class. You are likely to use online portals like Chegg and utilize the online resources they offer.

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Email marketing can definitely be an integral part of digital marketing and it saves precious time and finances among other resources. Email marketing is truly essential for the proper growth of a business that wants to last in the cut-throat competitive market. Consult our digital marketing experts specializing in email marketing for better results in your business today!

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