Free Website Vs. Facebook? Your Priority?

Free Website Vs. Facebook? Your Priority?

When you decide on making an online presence of your business, at that stage, you have two options to be selected. One is to start your online business on a Facebook page that is one of the most popular social media networking sites, and the other option is to start the company by creating a free online website.

Many top web hosts lined up by BigOfficer are offering the services of an almost free website that can be a good option for the people to start their businesses online. Due to web builders like WordPress and others, it became easy for people to create and manage their websites. This article will tell you that which option, Facebook Page or Free Website, will be good for your online business.

Creating a Facebook Page

It is easier for people to create a Facebook page because all the things are much more comfortable as compared to building a website. Facebook is a popular social media site, and it gives millions of potential customers if we create a Facebook page. Facebook also provides the extra reach and offers easy ways to promote your business with the targeted people. It allows you to build a good image among the actual and potential customers and you can be easily recognized using Facebook Page.

Problems with the social media page should also be considered before giving a final statement. It is easier for the people to develop a long term strategy and loyal customers with a website that can’t be done with a Facebook Page. On Facebook, you have no control or ownership, and the policies of the social media site can be changed that can be against your business, and it will harm your business. The professional services can only be delivered through the website, and the Facebook page cannot give that output.

Creating a Free Website

Creating a free website covers all the issues that can be occurred with a Facebook page. It gives a professional look to the customers and builds a permanent relationship with the customers. You have the ownership of the website and no third party can change the policies and cannot make any changes with your site. The whole website is under your control, and you can deliver the customers professionally.

Some of the problems occur with the free website, you cannot get maximum uptime from a free website, and an increase in customers may decrease the load-time of the site. The digital marketing of the website is difficult as compared to the marketing of the Facebook page because you need to drive the organic traffic to your website from the Internet through On-page and Off-page SEO. Sometimes, it takes months to get customers from the Internet, but once you start getting traffic then, you can grow your website more easily. You need to change the website if your site starts growing and your previous host cannot provide enough resources for your online business.


Now your turn!!, running a big or small companies choose wisely to get succeed on your online business. Any coming in your mind share it on comment box.

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