How To Get More Conversions On Your Shopify Site

How To Get More Conversions On Your Shopify Site

The ultimate purpose of an ecommerce site is to lead the visitors down the sales funnel. Though this can start typically with a great product, a well-designed site can support the customers through the different stages of the shopping process and bring about a compelling user experience. Here are the best practices to enhance the shopping experience of your customers when you Hire Shopify Developers.

Focus on the value proposition
Highlighting the true value of an ecommerce site is the most crucial part of converting casual browsers into buyers. Since majority visitors form an opinion of the site in less than two minutes, this will mean you must showcase the most possible value of the product to the visitor to make them buy something by sticking around.

Create visual hierarchy
Every website is predominantly a visual medium. Since there is a lot of competition among the sites to grab the attention of the users, you must prioritize the content to be able to communicate the message you wish to tell the client. A strong visual hierarchy is the surest way to achieve this. Visual hierarchy is all about telling your visitor where to look first and how to navigate the design.

Easy navigation
Navigation is a very important characteristic of a website. Studies reveal us that over 95% of the visitor’s first impressions are concerned with visual appeal and navigation. Keep things simple and provide the visitors with an intuitive navigation. Never give too many options. Organize the content carefully and it is prudent to divide navigation under subcategories.

Optimized search
While some visitors come to the site know what they want, some others do not know what they really want. For the first kind of visitors, it is important to create an effortless search experience to find what they want. For the latter kind of visitors make the on-site search tool a powerful one so that they can land on what they want.

Product filters
Using relevant product filters will make it easy for the visitors find the products that match their needs. About half of the ecommerce sites do not have category specific search filters and this is going to impact negatively on the user experience and minimise the chances for the visitors to find what they want.

Easy checkout
About 70% of the visitors to an ecommerce site abandon their shopping carts and do not complete their transactions. Though different factors might lead to this, sites must explore ways to make the checkout process as painless as possible to maximise the chances of sales.

Credible environment
Creating a credible environment for the visitors is very important. Since the instances of cybercrime are fast surging up today, the visitors have got several reasons to worry about. Including some positive testimonials from the buyers, numbers about the successful transactions, mentioning about the press release pertaining to your clients and encouraging the clients to include a message from the president and photos of the staff for creating an environment your visitors can trust.

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