8 Tips on How to Improve Website Positioning in 2020

8 Tips on How to Improve Website Positioning in 2020

A position in the top 10 search, the Holy Grail of internet marketing, is a goal that everyone wants to achieve. And this is natural, taking into account the fact that this has a direct impact on the popularity of the website among recipients, and thus – measurable profits for people running a given business. The problem is that if everyone wants something, achieving the goal is a bit complicated. A coherent strategy and multi-stage, comprehensive action can, however, bring the intended results. In this article, you’ll learn how to improve Google’s positioning and what to look for first.

Table of Contents

1) Create valuable content
2) Take care of SEO optimization
3) Prevent content duplication
4) Use structured data
5) Maintain an effective link building
6) Create a responsive website
7) Increase the loading speed of your website
8) Make sure your site has an SSL certificate

How do you get it?

1. Create valuable content

You can write entire volumes about countless factors that affect your search results, but in my opinion valuable content is the complete foundation. In general, it decides whether users will be willing to visit a given site and the search engine will evaluate it positively. Why is it like that?

Google algorithms like good content.

And when Google algorithms like something, you need to enable them and let them act. In general, the point is for content to reach the recipient as much as possible. After all, the creators of the search engine want it to give the best response to the needs of Internet users. For this reason, comprehensive and adequate content is promoted.

The diversity of content on the site is also a very important factor in this context. When conducting any activity, it is worth deciding on a company blog that will attract readers (and thus potential customers), provide them with answers to their questions, and also create the image of a professional company. In terms of position in search results, varied content is important because it responds to more types of potential user queries.

2. Take care of SEO optimization

Speaking of content, it is impossible not to refer to SEO optimization . There are several basic rules that should be followed when completing your website. How to improve website positioning with them?

  • Take care of the right key phrases for which you will position your website.
    They may not be too general, because the competition is then high. It is worth finding your niche, which will contribute to a satisfactory number of queries, and thanks to which it will be relatively easy to get high in the search results. They use the phrase long tail , i.e. long tail. They contain more words and are more specific and therefore less competitive. Paradoxically, using this tactic can attract more customers – positioning on a popular phrase can “push” your site to far position that will not increase organic traffic.
  • Enter the appropriate title and Meta description tags.
    These are the content that appears in the search results. The use of valuable key phrases is important here, but also the proper organization of the text. First of all, you need to take care of its length so that the title and description are not cut in half. It looks bad and is not rated very well. The most common values are 600 pixels for title and up to 155 characters for Meta description.
  • Create friendly URL addresses.Their structure should be simple and reflect the content on a given subpage. Addresses with random strings or multiple anchors will not work in your favor.
  • Take care of the right content structure.
    If you run a blog or publish articles on your site, you need to make them properly formatted. It is mainly about the Title, properly anchored headers (h1 – h6) and proper density of key phrases. Also important for search engine robots is the length of individual paragraphs, bullets and listings, and text highlighting in bold or italics.
  • Add appropriate titles and alternative descriptions to the graphics.
    Google robots can’t see the image. They only see what you put in his description. For this reason, it’s a good idea to include altes that best describe the graphic content.

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3. Prevent content duplication

The fact that you cannot afford to copy content from other sources is obvious, but duplication of content does not necessarily involve the theft of someone’s intellectual property. This phenomenon can also occur on your site. How to defend against this?

  • When running an online store, make sure that each product, category, group, etc. has a separate, unique description. Often, category descriptions overlap with texts that relate to specific articles.
  • Take care of redirections between different versions of the site. Different addresses often lead to one site (from www, without www, with indexes such as /index.html or /index.php). Google treats them as separate pages, which causes all content to be duplicated.
  • Check if different subpages have unique title and Meta description tags, and if not, fill in the gaps.
  • Returning to online stores, make sure that different versions of the same product have unique descriptions or use the canonical parameter, which gives the product the status “main”.
  • It is also important to monitor the network for any texts that others have copied from you. This is not good for your site. You don’t have to do everything manually. You can use tools such as Copyscape or Siteliner.

4. Use structured data

Structured data is, from a technical point of view, tags that are placed in the code and whose role is to provide additional information about the site in the search results list. What does this mean in practice and how to improve website positioning with the right information? Structured data allows displaying, among others:

  • Ratings for the page or content (in the form of stars and text notation), as well as the number of votes,
    Site reviews
  • Product photos or graphics about the service,
  • Prices of given products.

Apart from the fact that it diversifies the company’s business card in the search results, it is of great importance for the assessment made by Google algorithms. You can also link the data to your Facebook or Golden line profiles, and the ratings and reviews from these portals will also appear in the search engine.

Use structured data

5. Maintain an effective link building

Linking is definitely a topic for a separate article (there is already a link building guide on our blog ), and this is because 1) it is quite a complex issue, 2) Google algorithms like good links as much as valuable content . So how do you get links to your site to do it right? The key to success is the right backlink profile.

Links with the dofollow attribute are the most valuable because they give your site some of the value of the linking site. When setting your linking strategy, you must ensure that your profile is natural – in this case, the better is the enemy of the good. The most frequently cited ratio of dofollow to nofollow links is 70/30 percent. Of course, you do not have to stick to it very rigidly, but it’s worth keeping in mind the data tested in practice. Too many quickly appearing “good” links can be suspicious, which threatens even severe penalties from Google (including removal from search engine index).

Below is an incomplete, but useful list of places where you can get links:

  • Catalogs,
  • Comments on blogs,
  • Posts on internet forums,
  • Announcement,
  • Page aggregators
  • Social media,
  • Sponsored articles.

In the linking process, it is very important to properly use anchor text and their correct proportion. Their main task is to provide information to the search engine, which is located on the page to which a specific link leads. The basic types of anchors are:

  • Exact match – contain the main phrases on which the website is positioned (e.g. natural cosmetics for men). They have the most power, but using them too often may seem suspicious,
  • URL – it’s just a pure link placed on a given page,
  • Brand – the link being the company name should refer to the main page,
  • Zero match – does not contain any words related to the company or the products offered (e.g. here, check, etc.).

What is the correct ratio of the above anchors? It is difficult to give a definite answer. The positioner’s work in many cases is based on intuition and an attempt to best fit in only partially disclosed algorithm mechanisms. One thing is certain – exact match and zero match should be a significant minority. Using the first of them can be dangerous and may expose your site to getting a penalty from Google, while the second has the least power (which does not mean that it is not useful at all). The safest way is to use anchor URL and brand anchors.

6. Create a responsive website

Responsive websites are now essential. According to the Poland.Mobi 2019 report, only in 2018 users in Poland spent 40 percent all the time on the web using mobile devices. Looking at general trends, one can guess that this percentage is now even higher. Global research indicates that the share of mobile devices in generating internet traffic in 2019 was over 52 percent. Only this should convince all those doubting that a responsive website is necessary – looking for information and reading content on a smartphone or tablet, in the case of the traditional version of the website can be extremely tedious.

However, before you say: “hola hola! It was supposed to be about positioning, unlike”, I will return to the search engine algorithms mangled here from the very beginning.

How does responsiveness relate to positioning?

  • Sites with a mobile version are promoted in search results. All thanks to the update Mobilegeddon (introduced in 2015), paying attention to the correct display of the page on smartphones (and not only),
  • This is only relevant in the results presented on mobile devices. This means that the algorithm does not affect the list that appears on your computer.

Use structured data

7. Increase the loading speed of your website

The time that a website needs to load is an equally important factor for users and search engines. When it lasts too long, recipients can opt out of visits by choosing a competition that is in a similar place in the search results. How can you easily improve your site’s loading speed?

  • Reduce the weight of photos and pictures placed on the page.
  • Analyze the code for unnecessary characters, spaces etc. (minimization).
  • Compress gzip in .htacces.
  • Try to reduce the number of 301 redirects.
  • If you use CMS, you can reduce the number of plugins used.
  • Use the cache to save page elements to your browser’s memory. Thanks to this, the next time the person visits the site, it will load much faster.
  • Combine CSS and JS files into one large document (minification). Thanks to this, the server will have to do less work during query analysis.

There are more, more advanced techniques, but the above steps should already properly relieve the site. You can easily check the loading speed for your website using tools such as Page Speed Insight or Test my site.

8. Make sure your site has an SSL certificate

Google pays great attention to security. Having an SSL certificate (or lack thereof) is important for search engine robots. But not only – a recent study by the British agency John Cabot showed that almost half of the participants would not entrust their data to an unsecured website, and 64 percent. Of them would leave her immediately. Already in 2017, a feature appeared in the Chrome browser that informs recipients about whether the site is secure or not.

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How do you get it?

As you can see, there are many factors that affect the positioning of a website in Google, and the ones listed above are only the most important of them. In many cases, independent action may not be effective. And this is not about subliminal sales message – imagine now supplementing the content of all categories and subpages in the online store, where there are hundreds of products. Admittedly, the copywriter can definitely be quite useful.

How to improve website positioning? The most important thing is to be aware that if you want to get better results, you need to approach the topic comprehensively. I hope that the above guide will help you understand the meaning of the above processes and will facilitate the positioning of the page step by step.

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