Why Does Google Hate me?

Why Does Google Hate me?

A common question among website and online store owners: Why does google hate me? In this article, I will try to show a few factors that may affect the lack of trust on the part of the search engine for your site.

Remember that starting in 2020 you have a lot harder than the competition that has been on the Internet for several years. You need to know that the age of the links to your site, and the age of the domain are important for Google algorithms.

It is quite a logical approach that says that since a given website has been in the top 10 for X years and users continue to click on it and stay on it longer, it means that it provides good quality content and is worth promoting.

Does this mean that you have no chance for good results? Of course not, otherwise the entire internet would be limited to several thousand pages. Let’s get to the details that you should pay attention to if you want to increase the visibility of your website.

You operate without a plan

The first and basic mistake is the statement “everybody has a website, I will do it and I will have clients”. The problem is that the internet is a chance only for a certain number of pages from your industry, no matter what you do. If your site is on the main phrase, e.g. NY hairdresser on the second page of google, despite the fact that you have probably defeated several hundred other hairdresser sites then you will have very few customers from the website.

Practically the first page in the search engine counts, you know best how often you look at subsequent pages. So, in order not to fall at the very beginning, start by creating a plan of visibility for your brand.

Think about what makes you different, why the client should choose you and not the hair salon he is currently visiting. You do not have to reinvent the wheel, just determine that your goal is to make sure that nobody ever leaves the salon unsatisfied. Build strong relationships in social media, make sure that you can be found in many places and do not limit yourself to the site. Plan to post 2 times a week on Facebook. Let the first one be on Monday and show the daily life of the salon, let it bring your brand closer to customers, and the second post add on Friday and inform about the weekend promotion. There are really many ideas on how to present yourself in an interesting way, only condensed actions that are systematic will bring you the desired effect.

Currently, it’s best to be visible on Facebook and Instagram. If your target group are women, it’s also worth looking at Pinterest.

Once you have an overall plan, consider what your site should look like and what will interest you. Create a simple and clear navigation, plan the pages carefully with the offer, because they are the most important. Nowadays, content is very important, so it’s worth providing one or two articles per month to attract new customers.

How do you know how to plan website construction? From keyword analysis that you can do with the help of many tools available on the internet. Some of them are paid for other free, like Google keywords planner. Word analysis is the most important moment in positioning, its lack or incorrect performance will make you never get high in google results.

Optimization Errors

The second aspect is errors related to website optimization. There are lists of several hundred factors on the internet that are relevant to your positions. Most of the points are absolutely irrelevant, in my opinion, a maximum of 15 aspects count.

I consider the most appropriate page titles and link structure to be the most important. The title of the page has a big impact on the results, which has been confirmed by Google representatives. Include keywords in your titles, the first two are particularly important. Take care that the title does not exceed 70 characters. It is the d fear also its attractiveness to increase CTR.

Regarding the structure of links, the point is that they contain keywords, not some random numbers and letters. The simpler the link, the better. I usually use the domainname / category / title site option.

Among other aspects that are often mentioned as significant is the speed of loading the page. What I say is controversial, but from my point of view there is no direct translation between speed and position in Google. Never improving this aspect did my clients’ websites grow in positions. However, there is a direct link that ultimately plays a significant role.

If your site loads slowly, you lose customers, studies show that even fractions of a second matter. This in turn affects the bounce rate, and the higher this rate is, the worse for your site. Google sees that users come to your site and leave immediately, i.e. it is not valuable in his eyes, which may cause a decrease in position.


An aspect to spend a lot of time on is external linking. The more good quality links lead to your site, the better. The topic of external linking is very wide, at this moment you need to know that you should be interested in what sponsored and guest articles are.

Links from profiles or internet forums are currently of little importance, although it is always worth adding something to diversify the profile of links.

Links are divided into two types of dofollow and nofollow. In fact, the vast majority are nofollow, meaning they don’t transfer power to your site and it doesn’t matter much. These are links from the mentioned Internet forums or Wikipedia. They are needed because 100% of dofollow links are very suspicious and unheard of, it can end up by applying a filter to your site.

Dofollow links are harder to get, they often require more work and time, but it’s worth it. They make the Google algorithm see your page as more relevant, to which other pages lead. Linking is the second most important thing next to the content on the page.

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