How To Create An E-book? – 7 Sites For Making Digital Books

How To Create An E-book? – 7 Sites For Making Digital Books

Creating an e-book can be a way to turn knowledge into profit and start a business in the digital market. These contents can be conducted as a professional project on a specific area or as a literary work for those who intend to pursue a writing career. E-books can be distributed in different formats, such as PDF, epub or doc, but what sets these publications apart from other online books is the fact that they are adaptable to different devices. In other words, you can read e-books on your computer, mobile phone, tablet or an e-reader like the Kindle from Amazon.

To produce an e-book, it is not necessary to make high financial investments or have design skills. There are several tools on the Internet, free or paid, that offer resources such as ready-made layouts and templates, graphic references to use for inspiration, editing programs and tips on the organization of the material.

However, before starting to create an e-book, it is recommended to make a prior planning, that is, define the theme that will be addressed and have a basic script so that the material makes sense, with a beginning, middle and end. In addition, it is important that the content is in accordance with grammatical standards and has clarity so as not to leave doubts to the reader. Another tip is to plan carefully what the illustrations of the e-book will be. It is worth remembering that very long texts and without images can be tiring and discourage the public. Here are the top platforms to create e-books.

1. Sqribble eBook Creator

Sqribble is the most famous ebook builder available in the market. It is very powerful and easy to use software which helps you to create ebooks in a few minutes. Adeel Chowdhry, creator of this tool claims that it could create an attractive ebook in 60 seconds. Sqribble can create an e-book from any source of information including web pages, images, documents etc. visit the Sqribble review & demo to know more in deep.

2. Canva

The Canva is currently one of the software for image editing and the most popular videos among those who need to produce visual content for social networks. The tool is very intuitive and the free version also has a robust image bank for those who need to add a professional touch to their book. The collection of e-book covers is very complete and easy to use, just select the chosen template and edit the information under the template. Canva is also available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, however, the web version allows access to more features.

3. Crello

The Crello is a platform with features similar to the Canvas. The free plan offers access to a bank with more than 30,000 design templates and 140 million images. One of the advantages of the paid version is the possibility of using videos and animations. You can try the premium package for 14 days for free. After this period, the service has a monthly value of US $ 8.

4. Hotmart

The Hotmart is a dedicated free platform for distance education (EAD) that allows to host and sell e-books online. The service has tools that help in the sales process and, to use it, it is necessary to register as a content producer and insert the ready material. Among Hotmart’s differentials for the e-book, distribution is the Affiliate Program, which brings together people to help sell the products.

5. My E-book

My Ebook ( is a platform that allows the creation of e-books and the editing of PDF files. In addition, it is possible to add resources to the material, such as audios and videos. The service has an analytics tool so that the user can monitor the publication and measure the scope of the work. The service is only available in English and the website does not present the values for the dissemination of the book, being necessary to consult by e-mail.

6. Pressbooks

Pressbooks ( is a friendly platform similar to WordPress. The service has versions for antonym authors, teachers and educational institutions to publish their theses and monographs, for example, in e-book format. The free plan allows up to 5MB of storage. However, the downloaded material comes with the program’s watermark and, to remove it, it is necessary to contract the paid plan, with an initial value of US $ 19.99 (indirect conversion). The platform is entirely in English but offers tutorials for using the resources.

7. Amazon KDP

Kindle Direct Publishing, also called Amazon KDP (, is the free publishing tool for e-books and books from Amazon. To use the service, just register on the platform. Among the main advantages of the service is the visibility of a product exposed to Amazon, which has millions of visitors worldwide. In addition, the site offers the author up to 70% royalties on sales.

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