How To Get Your Magento Ecommerce Site Rank High On Google Search Results

How To Get Your Magento Ecommerce Site Rank High On Google Search Results

Getting higher ranking for your Magento Ecommerce store is a step by step exciting process. The first step is however optimizing the site (SEO) so that the search engines pick it up easily. You must know how to harness the power of SEO for your advantage. In the first place, know that the search engines display the results according to the relevancy they perceive in them in relation to the keywords input for the search. The more relevant your site appears to the search engine than the other sites, the higher will be your ranking on the search engine results page. Here are some expert tips on how to get your Magento ecommerce site rank high on the search engine.

Powerful content

Content is the most important factor when it comes to SEO as it makes up the bulk of the site’s online presence. Talking of online shops, this will mean the product descriptions. Hence ensure that the product descriptions are highly relevant and fully informative. At the same time the descriptions must not drag down the overall look and feel of the site. Never forget to fill in the meta data completely.

Effective URLs

While designing your Magento ecommerce site, ask the Magento Ecommerce Development Agency working on your project not to have any codes attached to the URLs. If there are any codes already existing, it is good to eliminate them. URLs that do not have codes are friendly with SEO. When you are on the settings menu for the URLs, locate the server URL rewrites and set them to ‘Yes’. This will result in the removal of index.php from the end of any given URL. This step will make them even more SEO friendly.

Titles and descriptions

If you are expecting the best results from your mission, it is advisable to keep the titles empty deliberately. This will enable the titles to be exactly what they have been input earlier during customization without having to depend on the parent category. Hence the individual titles will be more visible to the SEO and they can be more personalized as per the requirements. The same applies to descriptions if you want to optimize them for rising up to the best of Magento’s abilities. If you set the meta-information to the default values in store view, the page title and description will be overwritten thereby making the content and descriptions SEO friendly.

Get rid of duplicate content

Those sites that have duplicate content can never perform well on the search engine results even when SEO is done. It is necessary for the site to have entirely original content throughout all the pages. SEO is confused of duplicate content. This will mean they will be totally left out from the search results. Go through the entire content in the site and ensure there is as little duplicate content as possible. Though it will make the job easy to have the same content for same type of products, SEO experts strongly advise against this practise in the good interest of the success of SEO mission.

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