How to Market your Brand using Reddit Marketing

How to Market your Brand using Reddit Marketing

If you are looking to expand your marketing platform outside traditional social networks, Then marketing on Reddit may seem like an intriguing option. Usually, when digital marketers are asked to consider social media marketing, they start with the bigger platforms. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Many marketers forget that the internet is a huge platform, and different types of web users exist in different corners. One such platform that is ignored by many netizens is Reddit.

It is ranked 6th most visited website and yet is the most underutilized site in social media marketing. So, if you wish to grow your business. Like the big social media platforms, you need to learn about Reddit marketing.

Guide to Reddit Marketing


Reddit users or Redditors are fiercely protective of these online communities. Some of them loathe marketers who hijack their community’s integrity. The reason is that people in Reddit haven’t just gathered due to the visual appeal of a post but because of similar hobbies, support for social causes, etc.

Usually, if a marketer enters Reddit to promote a particular post, Redditors can get aggressive and choose to ignore your attempts at entering their community.

Before you invade Reddit, you need to develop a proper Reddit marketing strategy. This strategy will assist you in developing your position on Reddit.

Create an account

First, register on Reddit by developing an account. Your account name must consider your website or brand keywords. It will be more authentic if you can attach an actual person to your marketing activity.

Set Up a TrackReddit account to revive Alerts

TrackReddit provides the user with alerts when anyone uses the brand keyword on Reddit. This will help you to jump into a conversation whenever a user mentions your brand. It will help you reel in a customer at the exact time they mention your brand.

Build your feed

Go digging through all subreddits that are relevant to your brand. Start with the default front page and uncover the smaller niches of the community. Use the subreddit sidebar to check out the suggested communities. You can also use Google search and type Reddit (Keyword) to find the exact conversation or community you are looking for.

Keep lurking

Reddit marketing requires you to remain persistent throughout. You need to constantly hover over the Reddit discussions, upvote and add comments. You need to find out what kind of comments your target community finds interesting and promote using that. Promoting a product will become easy once you understand the Reddit conversations and the pattern.

Ramp up participation

Before submitting any content for Reddit marketing, start commenting on other people’s posts. However, this doesn’t mean you spam other people’s posts with comments. There is no exercise of posting 10 to 15 comments daily. Also, your comments need to be interesting and intriguing. The Reddit community can be picky, and you cannot afford to be marked as spam.

Share unique and original content.

You need to create content solely targeting the Reddit audience. However, be open to criticism as, like Facebook, not every Reddit post becomes a viral hit. So, the main aspect of Reddit marketing is to hold your patience. It will help you promote a product better and also engage the Reddit audience.

Be consistent

Remember, another aspect of Reddit marketing is to remain consistent. No social media platform is an instant ATM that will encash your viewers. Play the long game and reel in more visitors to your community.

What are the different types of Reddit content that digital marketers can use?

Reddit marketing is inclusive of almost any type of content. Therefore, to promote on Reddit, you must consider your target audience. This will help you come up with new content ideas for promoting on this website. Also, you can hire any top content writing company for that purpose.

  • GIF: Be it sports or movie scenes, Reddit loves GIFs. So, use these bite-sized videos for promoting your product or services on this platform.
  • Videos: Providing links to YouTube or Vimeo helps in attracting the attention of many Reddit users. So, when Reddit marketing, definitely go for video content.
  • Pictures: For Reddit marketing, many users prefer pictures as it increases the visual appeal of the post. This keeps the audience interested in your page.
  • Text: using text like interesting poems, quotes, or tagline for promoting your website is a proper content propagation method. So, attract your Reddit views by using your natural writing talent.
  • Blogs: On Reddit, you can also post blogs to attract the attention of the different communities. It will keep the Reddit users interested in the different posts that you provide on the platform.

Now that you understand the concepts of Reddit marketing, move forward to promote your website on this platform. While engaging in social media post writing, ignoring Reddit might become your biggest mistake. So, use this guide to propagate your website here.

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