How To Take Benefit Of Social Media To Generate Leads

How To Take Benefit Of Social Media To Generate Leads

Every business, big or small, needs a highly qualified strategy for the leads. Even if you are spending big money to target your local audience through potential digital marketing strategies like SEO, you may miss a lot with leads.

This missing piece of leads puzzle is all about missing on the mark to use social media which is one of the biggest sources to generate leads either they are conversions, calls, sales, or revenue.

Here we bring you a quick list of steps that you can follow to generate outstanding leads for your virtual business

Pick A Channel

Before you work on lead generation goals using social media, it is very necessary to pick the perfect platform which can help gain the right exposure.

Though you can aim for all the social media handles, it is good to have a major focus area. For instance, if you are looking to reach an audience based on demographics, there can be no better option than Facebook while if you want to have connections at the professional front, it is good to count on LinkedIn.

It is the entire game of finding a platform where you locate your buyer persona. So, make sure when you plan to implement a social media strategy for lead generation, choose wisely.

Run Paid Campaigns

Another great way to get desirable business leads in your niche is to go for paid campaigns. Paid campaigns are all about advertising. You need to plan your bidding strategy to create engagement.

Social media ads help you take your business before the users and turn them into your market with an improved customer base. Therefore, social media ads are a perfect option to present your services before users generating better markets and leads.

It is entirely on your end you want to run campaigns for a single platform or on all the sources like:

  • Facebooks Ads
  • Twitter lead cards
  • LinkedIn lead generation

All these platforms help you create a community where you only have people who are interested in investing their time and money. However, the best part of working on these ads is that you get entire information and detail of a user who goes for a click.

Awareness of Actions

Lead generation is all about engaging the user to go for some action because of some piece of information that helps them to resolve their query or anything which seems to be attractive for users.

Ultimately, the entire process runs on creating awareness for your product, services, or brand and taking your ideas to user groups who are interested to invest in what you offer.

Some great techniques which can work for you to create qualified awareness on social media could include:

  • Posts: make sure you keep your social media profile updated with relevant posts.  
  • Promotion: never indulge in straight promotions, give something of value to your customers to build relationships. It can be anything like visual data, videos, infographics, etc.  
  • Targeted Posts: make sure you always show up with targeted posts driven for the potential audience.
  • Contests: you can always work on improving interactiveness on your website through online contests for offers and discounts to increase your brand awareness.
  • Remarketing: it is something which most marketers miss, but remarketing is a powerful way to increase your leads where you can persuade your customer to click and engage with your business.   

Video Updates

Another great way to take the better benefit of social media is to invest your time in video updates. This is the existing trend, but still, most of the businesses cannot take advantage of videos in their social media strategy.

Videos are more conversational to the customers because they are more interactive and easy to understand for any user. This is the reason 80 percent of users on social media prefer to go for videos rather than reading blogs. However, your videos must only contain the information relevant to user needs.

For instance, if you have a business that deals in skincare products, make sure you only share videos that have some “tips to use your product for better skin” or anything similar to that. Sharing of content based on promotions and seems to be of no benefit to users can downgrade your goodwill.  

Gated Content

Last but not least, you can use social media to post or share gated content with the customers. This is more beneficial for users who have a defined community of user groups. Because gated content is all about creating forms for the users who need to read your content or connect with your business.

Before that, it is important to create value for your business by giving away some free posts access to the users. If users feel connected to your business only then you should go for the forms where a user may need to submit their email and personal details to get the updates.

This helps you to create a stronger business impression through email and newsletter opportunities and can even get you an increased customer base.


Most marketers face the common challenge of generating leads, no matter what is the size of their business or type of service they deal with. But if you want to get some qualified leads for your growth, it is truly an inexpensive process to invest in social media.

Social media is all about engaging with unique people, which is vital for meeting any productivity goals and get reliable business growth. So, it is entirely on you that how you use the resources making the most with the use of hashtags, posts, actions, videos, content, and every other factor that counts for lead generation. 

So, if you want yourself not to be on the stage of leads starving, it is essential to work on professional SEO services to get a wisely planned and implemented social media strategy that can help generate qualified leads.

All the best!

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