How to Write Explainer Video Script? Tips from Experts

How to Write Explainer Video Script? Tips from Experts

In today’s fastest and competitive business world, marketing through explainer videos is the need of the day to reach the target audience most effectively and quickly. As an advanced marketing tool, explainer videos greatly help in retaining the existing customers and attracting new potential customers for your products and services.

Explainer videos turn your complex and wide-ranging business ideas into a simpler user-friendly story that narrates and let your customers know why your product and service is significant and beneficial to resolve user problem. However, this can only be achieved from a fine scripted explainer video narrating the product or service as storytelling.

One can hire the services of a professional explainer video company that can adapt all the requirements and steps to write an explainer video script.

Let’s briefly discuss what is explainer video script, its significance, and some tips about how to write an explainer video script.

What is Explainer Video Script?

The explainer video script is a unique proprietary document that contains the run-down of the shots, scenes, actions, and dialogues in chronological to explain and describe what is your product or service, what are the key benefits/features and how it is going to resolve the user problems. Usually, a written explainer video script engages the shots or scenes of around 60 to 90 seconds.

Significance of Explainer Video Script

Some business owners may assume no significance of the script. However, considering the explanation video writing technique, not a big deal that may fail in grabbing the target audience.

Let’s discuss few brief points which tell why writing an explainer video script is so important:

  • The written script is key to produce a good engaging explainer video: You must structure your business concept in a written script for making an explanation recording in a story-telling format in a sequential manner. What to say, how to say, and when to say through a voice-over or presenter can only be followed if you have a written script.
  • Explainer videos are brief: Generally, as stated above also that explainer videos are about 60 to 90 seconds. Hence you need to express the whole content to the broadest extent according to your product or service. Without a pre-written video script, it is impossible to display your product or service in a brief timeframe.
  • Well-written explainer video script ensures & full understanding: A well-written recording script certainly reduces the questions and emails to your company’s sales & support service department. Explainer videos having well-written script when displayed and expressed in the easiest & convenient way to customers, eliminate the needs for any further clarification or support required by the customer.

Steps to Write Explainer Video Script

Writing an explanation video of 2D/ 3D animated videos or real demo videos certainly requires some process of thoughts, visualizations, data gathering, and expertise to deliver the true & complete message to your target audience in the shortest time frame.

Let’s discuss some basic steps to write an explainer video script for your business:

STEP-1: Think about Target Audience to seek their attention

The first and foremost thing you must need to do is to think about your target audience to gain their attention according to your product or service. You need to conceptualize, structure, and write your explanation video keeping in mind the targeted audience, their gender, age, demography, language, and solution to their problems.

STEP-2: Choose & finalize your Video Length

You need to determine the precise length of your explainer video to narrate the complete story from introduction to closing and to write the video script accordingly. You can manage the video by dividing the time into segments like the first 10-15 seconds introduction, then 30 to 60 seconds the main part of the video, and then last 10-20 seconds the conclusion & closing.

STEP-3: Build a Narrative of your explainer video

You must build the narrative of your explainer video to proceed with writing the video script accordingly. The narrative can fall under two type or categories of your explainer video either as:

  1. problem-solution wherein you first discuss the problem and later on explain the way your product is going to solve the problem or
  2. product-overview wherein you narrate “how” your product will work or something to educate the audience like demo and tutorial videos.

STEP-4: Prepare an Outline and Write a Draft Script of the explainer video

Once you have thought about your audience, you have conceptualized your product or service, you have decided the length of the video and built the narrative than before going write a formal video script you must outline some small sentences portraying the main concept you want from the video. Once you are satisfied with your outline, you can proceed with the initial DRAFT scriptwriting for the complete video.

STEP-5: Final Draft, Editing & Proof-Reading of the Script

Now you need to finalize the draft script in the most simple, concise, and easy language. You need to edit your script to avoid difficult jargon & words, difficult terminologies, nomenclatures and to make it free from grammatical & spelling mistakes. The use of retentive words or sentences makes the audience irritate or boring and must be avoided as far as possible in the final draft well.

STEP-6: Finalize the Narrator and Fine-Tune & Harmonize the script 

Now the most crucial step is to finalize the narrator and make the final draft script harmonized and adjusted according to the narrative. You can do the followings:

  • Check & finalize the gender/age and voice equality of the natator to read the script in the most appealing and stimulating manner.
  • Adjust the script according to the speed of the narration.
  • You can remove some words or sentences if required to shorten the script and video accordingly.
  • Change words difficult to pronounce with easier & simpler words.


For animated explainer videos as a cost-effective marketing tool, you need to pay serious attention to its scriptwriting for narrating your key concept & business idea keeping in mind the steps discussed above. You can also hire services from a professional explainer video company; otherwise, it may cost severely to your business.

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