Tools to Use to Make Your Video Marketing Campaign a Success
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Tools to Use to Make Your Video Marketing Campaign a Success

Tools to Use to Make Your Video Marketing Campaign a Success

Video marketing has definitely emerged as the most prominent medium to engage viewers in recent times. But, considering the speed and manner in which its landscape is constantly changing, it has kept even the savviest on their toes. The ever-changing landscape is posing a tough challenge for all those who are associated with digital marketing services and work to make the video marketing campaign a success. Though the basic tenets remain the same, the tactics of marketing need to change to align with the changing landscape.

Here are a few video marketing tools that are bound to make an impact on the current and near future:

Artificial Intelligence

A lot is said about AI (Artificial Intelligence), which is emerging stronger with each passing day. It has limitless potential and the same is applied in YouTube marketing or digital marketing for tracking, push notifications, customer segmentation, retargeting etc. In fact, it is also gaining entry into creative fields where it is used for creating relevant and unique content. Thus, the impact of AI in video marketing will be significant.

Quality Wins Over Quantity

As you must be aware of the insane amounts of videos that get uploaded every single day to make your mark in YouTube marketing or otherwise in the digital world, the focus should be more on quality. You need to upload relevant, appropriate and high-quality content to draw the attention of viewers and get them engaged.


Making use of chatbots is also helping in improving the basic conversations and to make users feel that they are actually interacting with someone in person. As AI technology is improving, the chat quality of these chatbots is also improving.

Use Omnichannel Marketing

The current era is of omnichannel marketing rather than multichannel. In this, the various marketing channels are integrated, which provides a better user experience. The sooner you switch, the better it will be for your marketing campaign.

Upload How-To Videos

These videos are extremely popular with masses as they make them feel empowered to do things. These videos are available right from trying various recipes, appliance maintenance, exercise etc. You can upload some good training content related to your niche to get leads through these how-to-videos.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Search engines are dealing with heavy traffic from mobile devices as most of the people surf while on the move. AMPs are fast becoming a norm as users do not have the patience to wait for the page to upload. The AMP page ensures that the page gets loaded in less than 0.5 seconds, which is the amount of patience that users usually depict.

Make Use of Local Influencer Marketing

Unless you are a massive global brand, the focus should be on local influencers. To do that effectively, you should make maximum use of Google’s local SEO.

Utilise Live Videos

These are the latest addition in digital marketing to engage users. It has proved to be really impactful and hence commanding the top slot in video marketing tactics. But, to utilise this medium fully, this video should contain content that is robust and interesting and cover topics that your targeted audience finds engaging, fun, useful or helpful.

Teaser Campaign Videos Also Help

The current trend is to make and upload a small teaser video on various channels where your target audience is concentrated. These teaser videos should last only for a few seconds, but tell the story in such a powerful and impressive manner that the users get motivated to visit your website to get the full story.

Interactive Videos

Another way to indulge and engage your audience is through interactive videos. The interactive links are added to videos for the targeted audience to interact with additional layers of information if they want, which is contained within the video window.

Content is still the king, but the way in which it is presented to the consumers is changing. The time when only textual content was served is long gone by and the digital marketing agencies understand it. They know that video content is far superior in engaging users. They are thus incorporating the latest tools, some of which are described above in their video marketing campaigns to make it a success.

Unless you align your marketing strategies with the latest trends, you won’t succeed in engaging and acquiring new customers or in retaining your existing ones. All the marketing agencies know the basics of the game well, but if you want to stay ahead in the game, you need to adapt to the changing rules of the game quickly and efficiently. The one who is quick to mould himself in the changing environment gets the lead and thus a better probability of succeeding.

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