Why You Must Never Overlook Amazon PPC Optimization

Why You Must Never Overlook Amazon PPC Optimization

PPC industry experts say today that Amazon PPC optimization will decide the success of your advertising campaign and will separate you from the losers out there. Amazon is constantly rolling out several changes; the sellers are vigorously striving to maintain their competitive edge over the other sellers there. Here is what you must know about Amazon PPC which will give let you make the most of your investment and make a big sale.

TLC cannot be ignored

While Amazon PPC campaigns are very easy to set up with the help of an Amazon PPC Service, you are really losing out if you do not monitor and optimize you campaigns. Know that PPC always provides scope for improvement. Hence it is necessary that you optimize your campaign for better performance.

Best practices to optimize your Amazon PPC campaign

• Define your PPC goals clearly

No strategies are possible without setting your goals. Without strategy, optimizing is never a feasible thing. You must mention what you expect from the PPC campaign. List what you wish to achieve – whether it is more visibility or better click-through rates or increased ROI or enhanced conversions.

• Give momentum to strategies that work

Make a clear focus on the campaigns and analyse the history of performance and check what caused better impressions, high click through rates and more conversions. You must increase the budget on the campaigns that worked well for you and gave the highest ROI. If you are making good profits, it is advisable to push up the bids on the highest performing keywords for the sake of getting more volume. Identify all the star keywords and conduct a research to test their variations. After completing your testing phase and gathering the necessary sales and conversion data, move on to a more focused phase emphasized on better ROI.

• Lower the budget on the unproductive keywords and campaigns

It is never advisable to waste your money and time on keywords that perform poorly. Never do the blunder of restricting the budget artificially on high performing keywords. Know that this can happen by letting them fight for the budget with under-performing keywords. Pause the keywords with poor performance. This will mean not spending much on keywords that do not result in clicks or those that hurt your CTR or click through rates.

• Diversify the keyword traffic

It is highly expensive and competitive to focus primarily on the primary keywords. Dedicate at least a portion of your strategy for Amazon PPC optimization to identify the new long tail keywords in a consistent way. These are less competitive and economical and hence are much easier to rank for. Also, long tail keywords are found to generate high volume of search traffic and also bring high quality traffic. Hence they can successfully drive your campaigns.

• Develop a strong negative keyword strategy

It is not difficult to waste a lot of money on searches that are never related to your products if you are not careful and fail to add negative keywords consistently. Use negative keywords to optimize your PPC campaign and drive down your advertising costs. This will help increase your bottom line significantly.

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