What Responsive Design Can Do To Your Ecommerce Store

What Responsive Design Can Do To Your Ecommerce Store

Traffic that sites get from mobiles has clearly dominated the other modes of traffic in all industry domains. This is especially true with the ecommerce industry. This is because most uses find it easy to just take the phone out of their pockets or bags, make a search and tap the buy button to make a purchase. The predominant use of mobiles for web search impacts the design of ecommerce stores. Google and other search engines are therefore supporting the responsive web designing thoroughly.

Why and how to achieve a responsive store?

By implementing a responsive design, you can ensure that your ecommerce store looks good on all devices and user interfaces. The screen size is never an issue today to ensure a great user experience. Since the developers are benefiting greatly from the HTML and CSS, the old web development processes of having to create separate versions for desktop and mobile viewing are ruled out. Responsive website designing helps the users of ecommerce sites enjoy a uniform shopping experience. Given the tough competition that exists today in the ecommerce industry domain, it is necessary that you update your stores capabilities with responsive design and move your store to the winning edge of inviting more traffic and sales.

Benefits of responsive design to your ecommerce store

Assures a great user experience

A recent study by Morgan Stanley has revealed that over 91% of all smartphone users enjoy a 24 X 7 access to their phones within hand’s reach. Responsive design makes sure that the users find it a great experience to visit your online store and make the purchase.

Makes store management flexible

If your store has two versions made for the desktop and mobile visitors separately, you will need to make double the investment to manage your store in an effective way. responsive designing however, saves time and effort besides a great deal of investment required to manage your ecommerce store.

Enhances the brand reputation

With a website sporting a responsive design, your bran image automatically gets a lift. This can help you develop your brand through word of mouth. In most cases, responsive design helps enhance the brand reach and thus grow the base of potential customers who will buy your products and bring more profits to your ecommerce venture.

Saves the costs of development

Just imagine what you must be spending when you have to maintain two versions of your online store meant for desktops and mobiles. Considering the amount of money you will have to pay a Magento Store Development Company for developing these two stores and managing them, you will find responsive designing lets you save a lot of money by having to work on just one single store for any viewing experience. In addition, the developers create the front end and backend of the ecommerce store for you and you can upload the product data yourself when it comes to responsive designing.

The far reaching advantages of responsive designing makes it important that you make the shift as early as possible to reach your potential customers in big numbers and grab a bigger share of the sales happening out there in the ecommerce domain.

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