Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid If You Wish to Achieve Success in 2019

Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid If You Wish to Achieve Success in 2019

The current year is proving to be a good year for most of the social media marketers. However, many of these marketers are still encountering various issues due to their cloudy understanding of the concept of a social media policy or social media stratagem.

By getting a clear idea of what requires to be done and what needs to be avoided, you could definitely formulate an effective social media strategy that could culminate in a boost in customer engagement, brand awareness, a definite increase in the leads generation and sales revenue.

We know that 3/4th of the Facebook users and more than ½ of Instagram users (51 percent) are active on each site daily as per know that 35 percent visit the popular social media platforms several times every day.

Instagram is known to earn over $595 million in terms of mobile ad revenue every year. More than 50 million companies are using Facebook Business Pages and around 5.2 million organizations are utilizing Facebook for advertising. In this context, you must appreciate the fact that nearly 80 percent of your time on the various social networking sites actually happen on mobile.

Social media could prove to be slightly overwhelming and certainly challenging. You need to stay abreast with the latest developments relating to the multiple popular social media platforms right from Facebook to Pinterest to Instagram and more. You need to clearly stay at par with the targeting abilities and the ever-changing algorithms. Life could be tough as just when you think you are having a grip over things, you end up making a mistake.

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Here are some of the social media mistakes to avoid if you wish to forge well ahead of the rest.

Over-Automation Could Be a Great Mistake

A very common mistake made by social media marketers is associated with content broadcasting particularly, on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter where you could effortlessly schedule your posts in advance or strategically, organize it carefully into a perfect and continuous rotation. However, one big mistake made by many novice social media marketers is that they believe that they could put social media directly on autopilot and would automatically generate revenues. Remember business progress depends on boosting human relationships and cementing bonds. You need to inculcate the human touch. It is crucial for every organization to establish robust relationships with their customers. There is definitely a place for automation or scheduling but you also need to listen to your target audience and to have active interactions and conversations on the social networking sites.


Being Tremendously Irritating Could Be a Big Mistake

Your followers could easily get annoyed with you if you are continuously tweeting advertisements for a brand or company. Most people visit sites such as Facebook and Twitter for engaging in active conversation and learning about innovative and novel ideas. Even though people on various social media platforms are pretty receptive to promotions of new products, they are not at all interested in the flood of messages asking them to invest some money; these messages are actually called spam.

It would be a grave mistake if you go on spamming your followers on social media. They would certainly block your account eventually. In a worst case scenario, your followers may report you obviously to the administrators of the site. You need to generate engaging content for enticing your target audience.

Being Excessively Controversial Could Be a Huge Mistake

Some organizations often try to create controversies hoping to go viral. Some instances are when organizations post something graphic, extremely political, or shocking hoping to gain attention and attracting a whole lot of people by the sheer madness or shock value. It is a fact that sometimes controversial posts on social media could be attracting a whole lot of attention but this does not necessarily culminate in meaningful advertising and promotion for any brand. Entrepreneurs must refrain from this kind of meaningless shock advertising.

Speaking All the Time with No Time for Listening Is a Grave Mistake

Social media has not been designed in such a manner that one individual will be addressing a large audience. It is a truly interactive landscape where there would be multiples people enjoying active conversations back and forth. Your greatest mistake as a business owner would be to post your status on a social media platform and then forgetting about it totally and ignoring all the likes and comments. You need to essentially respond to comments by followers.

You must keep in mind that it is normal social media courtesy to respond if someone leaves a comment. This type of communication would do wonders in the long run to your brand image and overall online presence.

Avoid the Mistake of Being Dull

Not only must you avoid being unnecessarily controversial on Facebook and Twitter, but you must also, avoid being extremely dull and boring. There are many businessmen present in the social media circuit, who have gone out of their way to create a Facebook or Instagram or any other social media account as they firmly believed that it was the clever and smart way of doing things. These people do not care to share anything that others would find some value in.

Losing Interest Could Be a Big Mistake

You may come across a number of pages which are actually abandoned after just a few days or months because of lack of a viable strategy. Your business must steer clear of such a big mistake. You need to be persistent in your endeavors and do not lose interest. Appreciate the fact that your efforts would surely pay off in the end but could take a little time in establishing your overall online brand presence and gaining thousands of followers eventually. Nothing could happen overnight. Social media is not about miracles.


Remember to avoid all these social media mistakes discussed above and always remember that persistence is the key to success in the social media circuit. You need to consistently update your profiles and post quality content on social media pages to attract the attention of your target audience and build a robust social media presence. Social media simply cannot be treated as something optional; it is an integral part of your business’s marketing strategy.

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