Social Media Tips that will Help to Grow your Business

Social Media Tips that will Help to Grow your Business

If you want to expand your business in today’s challenging market, then it is essential to harness the power of social media. There are endless opportunities and possibilities that social media can bring for your brand. Even if you have failed to optimize your brand’s social media presence till now then relax, it is never too late. Even if you start today, you will definitely get the benefits of this effort in the future. Cultivating your organization on social media helps in enhancing the customer service, increases the chances of getting prospect clients, allows you to stay connected with your existing customers, helps you to build authority, enables you to reach and engage new audiences and drives traffic to your brand. In short, social media is one of the best ways to make a business successful. It is because it helps to stay connected with loyal customers and fosters lasting bond with new clients and prospects.

Here are some of the social media tips that will help your small business to succeed:

Choose the Correct Social Media

The use of social media multiplied since Facebook went public. However, there are plenty of networks out there. They are devoted to anything, from social activism to connecting with old classmates, everything under the roof. You might be confused with so many available options, then how are you going to hone your business? According to the experts, you should join the five of the most popular social media networks. This should be according to your audience, their location, and your organization’s goal. Here are some of the most popular social media networks that you should go for!

    • Facebook: Facebook is the largest platform of social media which is having more than 2.35 billion active monthly users around the world. This social media site is perfect for organizations who are looking to build relationships and generate new leads.
    • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a social media platform for business networking. It can be utilized by both businesses to business and business to customer organizations to engage audiences, build authority and create trust.
    • Twitter: Twitter is ideal for the businesses who are in need to share time-sensitive knowledge like trending topics, announcements, and breaking news.
    • Pinterest: Pinterest is a photo sharing social media site. It is a perfect platform for organizations with visual appeal such as fashion, weddings, art, travel, and restaurants. It is ideal for driving sales because most of the prospects wish to check the previous work before coming into a deal.
    • Snapchat: Snapchat is one of the fastest growing platforms with expiring content. The organizations can utilize it by presenting personalized content, offering promotions, giving special excess and creating relationships with the influencers. This can drive loyalty and brand recognition for your business.

Be Consistent

Once you have decided the social media sites to use, the next phase consists of postings. When it comes to the posts, keep the consistency of your messages and check how frequently you are using social media. To get better results, come up with the number of posts and the things you are going to post and at what intervals. This totally depends upon the goals of your organizations and your followers. It can be a few times a day, one in a day or even once in a week. However, restrain yourself from posting five times a day once in a month if you wish to make an engagement.

Format Content According to the Platform

If you are using accounts of all the major social media sites then it does not mean that you are going to post the same stuff on five different platforms every day. You have to format the content according to the platform. You should get long posts for LinkedIn, photos for Instagram, short and snappy reportings for Twitter and memes and videos for Facebook. Make sure to keep all the posts different even though if they are conveying the same message.

Push the Networks that are Bringing Results

Even if you are using different networks, remember that you are going to get different results from various social media sites. If you are getting some extraordinary results from a network that means that social media site is working for your business and helping you to target specific kind of customers. Start taking of these sites and try to push on that network to create more opportunities.

Ensure that the Content Associates with the Message

When you start building a strong social media platform presence then you start getting likes, comments and follows. Although, it is more than that. Getting great responses to the posts simply means you are getting attention. However, if you are not sure that your content is linked with your message or not then it is going to do no good to your organization. Your content should fit within your organization’s identity, and it should promote exactly what you want to say to the world.

Post Even if you are not Getting Likes

Various kinds of content generally do not get likes, comments, and shares. Most of them are charity posts, testimonials, essential blog posts, and press features. However, these contents are really crucial and help in establishing the validity of the brand in the market. Do not stop posting these kinds of content just because they are not getting the kind of response, likes, comments, or shares that you expected. It might not be engaging, but it will lay the foundation of your organization.

Look for the Balance Between Business and Popularity

Remember that the social media site you are using is to get attention and ensure that you are getting it. Gaining only popularity will not work. You have to make a proper balance between business and popularity because your organization needs both.

Use Tools to Automate and Schedule Posts

It takes loads of dedication and time to stay present and active at social media. However, there are various automation tools available which can be used to schedule and publish posts up to a month in advance. It can help you by saving time by scheduling batches of posts at once and allowing you to plan accordingly for future posts. It also helps you in responding to messages quickly and makes it easier to monitor the sites.

Check the Right Metrics to Monitor the Progress

Social media is growing rapidly, and there are more and more active users every month than before. It is not vital to be on every social media sites. However, the best strategy consists of locating the audience, defining the goals, and picking the correct social media sites. You can only reap the benefits of social media platforms if you cultivate your presence.


Your social media objectives are going to decide the metrics that have an influence on you. It is essential to check them because it will help you to ensure that you are going on the right track and your strategies are working out. Make sure to follow these suggestions shared by the top business coach. It will definitely help you to grow your business.

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