Why is Social Shares Important for your Business Growth

Why is Social Shares Important for your Business Growth

Social networks have become a very important element of modern digital marketing. With many social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and many others, SMM has become an effective marketing tool, which helps marketers to establish a strong online presence and promote their brand to thousands of users. Social shares is a part of organic marketing form which promotes your business to the public by encouraging users to share you content with their online friends. Consumers have the tendency of sharing blog posts, products, inspirational videos which they find interesting and relevant to their needs making it more valuable to the audience than when it comes directly from the business. Social share tactics are part of SEO strategy, which is more effective than social ads such as Facebook ads and results to better ranking with search engines. It is therefore important for marketers of any business to focus on promoting social media shares to reach an unlimited audience base and become an authority in their niche.

Strengthening your Brand through SMS

Once consumers share a business link, product recommendations, promotional messages or inspiring content, it does more than just increasing your sales. With many businesses offering the same products or services as yours, it is important to convince your audience that you are really ahead of your competitors, and you are a strong authority in your industry. Social sharing gives you the opportunity to introduce and define your brand to your target market as well as to create a massive followership for the brand. Online shoppers are not only interested in the information on your official site, but they want to look further on your LinkedIn profile, Twitter Feed of Facebook Page to see what others think and say about the brand. They want to see what your business stand for and how the brand interact with the social community.

Furthermore, when users share your business post, it shows that they trust your brand and enhances consumer confidence in your business. It validates your website claims and expands your online community which is a very valuable element of your brand reputation. It also helps you to learn what the users want, so that you can improve user experience. It is a great tool for establishing your brand as an industry specialist by offering informative content, industry news and ideas which are aimed at addressing user needs.

Other Benefits of Social Media Sharing

  • Buiding customer relations and loyalty – Users are always in need of an industry expert who is ready to answers their questions and feed them with valuable information that will help them to make the right decisions. With the right social media share techniques, you will be able to win the hearts of many consumers who will always keep coming for more. This is critical to buiding a large pool of loyal customers who will always spread the ‘gospel’ to others.
  • It is a great tool for customer engagement – Interesting and shareable content provides a free platform to start off a conversation with your customers giving you the opportunity to respond to users’ concerns and to clarify your business message.
  • Increases your social visibility – Social sharing exposes to the online community creating brand awareness to a wide range of users, potential customers and partners. It makes it easiers to find new fans and followers for your brand.
  • It increases quality website traffic – Once the social media users find the shared content, they are interested in knowing more about your brand and products which prompts them to visit your business website.

Tips for Promoting you Social Share Strategy

Though social media sharing is an important marketing elements, you need to employ the right approach to succeed in a social community. It is important to note that not every of your content is useful for social sharing. Here are a few tips that will help you with your social media marketing plan:

  • Identify the right networks – First you need to discover the social networks that your targeted market uses most. For instance if you are targeting official businesses, the most appropriate platform would be LinkedIn or Twitter. On the other hand Facebook may work best for your e-commerce business since it is more into casual and social relationships.
  • Create quality and engaging content – The first trick is to avoid too much of direct marketing as this would piss off your audience. In stead you need to craft interesting content that offers value to the audience. First you have to understand your audience and give answers to what they are looking for, offer valuable news and ideas which are beyond your promotion goals.
  • Consistence matters – You need to add new content on the selected platforms on a regular basis to keep users coming back for more. Again, do not post content too frequently as users will treat this as noise and spam.
  • Measure your social media progress – To determine your success in social media marketing, it is critical to track track the number of social shares to make the right changes for improvement. Sharedcount is an online SMM tool that helps you track your share counts on different social networks to learn what is working for your business and what is not. It helps you to track url shares, likes and other social media activities that are important to your digital marketing plan.

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