Taplink Celebrates Milestone Achievement: 1 Million Users

Taplink Celebrates Milestone Achievement: 1 Million Users

Taplink, the easy-to-use online platform that lets people and small businesses create Link In Bio pages, has just proudly announced that it now has more than 1 million active users.

“We are really excited to hit this truly big milestone of 1 million users today. It shows that people all over the world keep finding great value in Taplink for combining their links in one place that looks great and works well,” said the Taplink team on their social media accounts.

Taplink has been on a mission to give individuals and small businesses a simple way to boost their online social media presence. Users love it because it is easy to use and helps them make good-looking pages. The fact that the service is translated into 15 of the most used languages in the world doesn’t hurt either. Now, with over 1 million people using Taplink, it is clear that the platform is making a real impact online.

“As we are celebrating this milestone, we want to say thanks to our awesome users who have supported us. We’re committed to making Taplink even better to help our users get better results online, no matter who they are – influencers, entrepreneurs, artists, or anyone else” added the Taplink team.

Taplink’s success comes from the features that make it easy for users to create their own link in bio pages. With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality and dozens of free pre-designed themes, Taplink has become a top choice for anyone who wants to keep all their links in one place and look good online. The platform lets users connect their social media or messaging apps, add content blocks (e.g. Timer, FAQ, Map), and even integrate popular services (e.g. Google Analytics) to their Taplink page.

We think that reaching 1 million active users is a huge step for Taplink, and it proves that they are on the right track. The company says that it is dedicated to getting even better, with plans for more ground-breaking updates and features to make users’ experience even cooler.

Rumor has it that the Taplink team is already working on adding a library of professional templates with demo content to make the creation of a Taplink page even easier. Combining the future updates with already existing monetization tools and opt-in forms, we won’t be surprised if Taplink is transformed into a powerful landing page builder for social media in the near future.

The company has already teased that they plan to release Taplink on ProductHunt somewhere this year. We do not doubt that ProductHunt will give Taplink another great boost in popularity, especially with the American audience.

About Taplink

Taplink is a link in bio tool with pre-designed themes, marketing add-ons, and business features. Its mobile-first approach allows social media users to create Link In Bio pages for their Instagram and other social media bio right from their smartphones.

Taplink was released in 2017, and as of 2020, it has more than a million Taplink pages created.

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