Top Skills You Need to Have to Become a Professional Content Writer

Top Skills You Need to Have to Become a Professional Content Writer

With digital marketing demonstrating a YoY growth of 25-40%, content writing is emerging to be one of the most sought after sectors in India. Individuals are readily seeking to be employed in this sector, as approximately 73.87% of the total job search volume search comprises occupation of professional content writers.

With such increasing competition, individuals planning to develop a career in this sector need to have a sharp skill set, to gain an edge over other applicants. Along with excellent command over the English language, highly skilled content writers also keep themselves updated with the various upcoming SEO trends.

Quality required for professional content writing –

content writer

content writer

  1. Keep in mind the various types write-ups

Individuals engaged as content writers are well-versed with multiple writing patterns, depending upon the type of content required. While articles demand a formal writing style, strictly informative as per the target audience, blogging often encourages writers to incorporate a personal point of view. Several other highly demanded write-ups include website content writing, which requires a third person approach with simplistic tone.

Nonetheless, adequate practice to grasp the writing style of all such types of content primarily found on the internet help aspirants land their dream job as professional content writers.

  1. Understand the basics of SEO and Google algorithms

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the foundation of professional content writing. Proper knowledge of the same is a prerequisite for creating a successful career in this field, as it determines the rank of a write up on popular search engines.

Candidates having a basic understanding of the various Google algorithms are more likely to be employed in this field, as they know about creating a quality content, which ranks higher in a search engine result page (SERP).

  1. Research skills and time management

With more businesses channelling their resources into digital marketing, demand for content writing is surging among various fields. As a result, professional writers are expected to deliver quality write-ups on any given topic.

Proper research is required in such cases, helping highly skilled content writers curate optimal content as per the latest content marketing trends 2020.

Efficient time management plays a vital role in this respect, as most digital marketing organisations have designated targets for employees. In such cases, reaching an ideal balance between proper research and time management is the key to be employed as highly skilled content writers.

  1. Know about the target audience

Its rank can measure the success of any content generated by professional content writers on a search engine. One of the most critical factors determining the rank of such content is its readability, which depicts whether people have derived adequate information from the same. Knowing about your target audience is essential in this respect, as it determines the range of information to be inputted in the write-up.

Though it might appear to be daunting, proper training and practice help beginners become fluent as professional writers. As digital marketing is the new face of technology, individuals undertaking training early on can enjoy the first-mover advantage and thereby be employed at renowned digital marketing agencies.

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