The Only SEO 2020 Guide You’ll Ever Need

The Only SEO 2020 Guide You’ll Ever Need

People who think keyword placement is the main component in the SEO world are living in a cave. SEO in 2020 is going to be a whole different ball game. With changes in Google’s SEO regulations, new techniques have to be implemented to stay on top of the SEO rankings. Artificial intelligence is set to take on every aspect of the SEO process.

Tips to follow for SEO in 2020

The main reason behind the rapid changes in the SEO world is to cater to what users want. Search engine optimization services need to stay up to date with their SEO skills and stay ahead of the game. So, let’s take a look at what’s going to change in the SEO world in 2020.

  1. Structured data and schema will become a must!Structured data is written in a way in which the search engines understand it easily. It is a code written in a specific format. On the other hand, schema markup is another kind of code which is applied to a website to help search engines seek more informative results for users.To put it, search engines deploy structured data and schema to read and interpret your content accurately. Such a process helps to present the best search results at any point in time. The structured code is implemented within a website through the use of rich snippets, while schema simplifies things for the audience and search engines.
  2. Voice Search Optimization is the next big thingIt has been stated that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches. Millions of users across the globe have already got accustomed to voice search and use it to find answers to their queries. We all love to ask Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant about any questions that arise in our minds. Such practices will only be on the rise in 2020.The technology behind devices such as Alexa and Siri is not going to be limited to only these devices. It has been predicted that many similar voice recognition devices are going to be launched shortly. Hence, you will have to optimize your content for voice search so that you can rank higher on search engines.

    So, make your content mobile-friendly, implement structured data, and add snippets if you want to up your game within the niche.

  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)Artificial intelligence is bound to impact the future of SEO strategies. Hence, it has become one of the highest priorities of Google and other algorithm updates. Such a move means that you need to streamline your content to meet the AI guidelines. It can be done by optimizing your titles, description tags for CTR, bounce rate, and dwell time, among other factors.How AI works?

    Artificial intelligence collects and interprets data from everyday occurrences and predicts what clients want and provide the same.

  4. Long-form quality content will be the new trendGoogle continually updates its algorithm. The days of 200-word contents answering all questions are long gone. You can land up with long and detailed guides that follow proper structure such as paragraphs, sections, subsections, bullet points, etc.Presented below is a popular calculation method to determine the word limit of your blog posts.

Calculation of optimal blog length:

  • Start by finding your top 10 posts through an organic search.
  • Next, select each of the ten blog posts and determine their lengths through the use of the word count checker.
  • Now, determine the number of words in your header, footer, and sidebar. You might usually get around 125 words.
  • The number of shortlisted blogs is 10. The top 10 blog lengths seen from the word count checker is 33,192. Thus, the formula is: 33,192-(125×10)= 33,942.
  • Finally, for approximate blog length, divide the answer by 10. So, it would be: 31,942/10= 3,194 words

Final words for SEO optimization in 2020

It is fine to follow the current trends for the next month or so, but do not procrastinate. Competition on the web is increasing by leaps and bounds every single day. No one can entirely predict the future of SEO in 2020, but we have made a pretty good evaluation of the most crucial aspects that will trigger your SEO rankings in 2020.

Considering the trends which have occurred in the past 12 months, artificial intelligence and voice search is going to be. The advent of such technology has altered the landscape of SEO for decades to come. So, stay aware and up-t-date with the latest SEO trends and optimize your websites with high response and state-of-the-art UI experience. Stay ahead of your game.

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