Top 5 Social Media Content Ideas to Maximize ROI

Top 5 Social Media Content Ideas to Maximize ROI

The dream of every rental property landlord is to maintain a steady stream of excellent tenants. But this reality is only possible with proper marketing. In today’s world, social media marketing has made it more accessible. Specific tools can make more people see your rentals and express interest in them. As a result, you can rest assured of receiving leads more quickly.

But while this idea might seem lofty and brimming with potential, social media marketing for rental properties can be tricky and challenging when you don’t know the proper steps to take. In addition, situations like alternating developments, constant updates, customer needs, and business trends can make this method a chore.

However, it isn’t impossible. With specific content ideas and strategy, you can increase brand recognition that yields ROI. In this article, we show you the top 5 content ideas and other helpful information to achieve a steady ROI in no time. 

Top 5 Social Media Content Ideas to Maximize ROI

1. Post Videos About The Space

Video content is a content idea that is very popular on social media now. According to a Forbes article, video posts drive three times as many visitors to a website each month as text-only articles. While you might think it’s a lot to get into, you should know that producing video content doesn’t have to be expensive or technically complex.

You can make short videos that showcase and describe your rental space’s features and benefits. Rental advertising tips such as video content can help your audience understand what it’s like to be a tenant in an area like yours. As a result, they are more likely to inquire about your property and ultimately book a day to come to take a look around.

These videos also allow you to engage your audience in dialogue while making your content attractive. Understand that what matters most is the content’s high level of relevance and attraction to your audience. 

2. Share Curated Content 

When you post content other people write on social media, you call this “curated content.” It could be as simple as a helpful blog article from a realtor, DIY ideas from an interior designer, or anything else you believe your audience will find exciting and beneficial.

Doing this can make people inquire about these services or projects from you. This move can go on to be a profitable initiative on your part. It can also heighten their interest in your rental property and make them consider being tenants there. 

This content idea can give your brand a reputation for engaging and fostering communities.

3. Host Giveaways

Hosting a giveaway and encouraging your social media followers to join is one of the more entertaining and exciting ideas for social media content. For example, you could discount the first people to consult on a space or offer a unique house piece. This idea also goes on to assist you in gaining new followers.

Additionally, it increases page interaction and subscriptions, or “likes.” But be careful to spell out the guidelines for entering the competition before you start and abide by any applicable local regulations.

4. Holiday Insights 

The holidays are a fun time to explore several topics. For example, you can share pictures of your rental property’s looks during the holiday. Apart from giving your content a wider reach, you’ll also give your audience something to look forward to and express excitement about. It could be from any content you upload: a photograph, an article, or a video.

What makes holiday content excellent is that it evokes strong emotions. Take Christmas, for example. So many people will remember what it feels like to have their loved ones around and ultimately have a comfortable place to call them and decorate. These feelings and more are what will make your Christmas posts add more emotional touchpoints to your marketing effort.

5. Post Testimonials

Your previous and current tenants are a great way to get social media material. You can share their testimonials to put trust in the minds of interested tenants. This idea also gives you new content to post on your social media accounts. 

You can look up your usernames or hashtags on social media networks where your brand is active. In addition, you can set up brand listening using a function on our social media management platform. This enables you to keep track of any internet mentions of your rental property.

Perhaps one of your previous tenants shared a photo of themselves making beautiful memories in your rental space. You can show prospective tenants that actual individuals lived on your property. This is a good reason to display pictures or testimonials of satisfied and happy tenants.

How Can Marketing Tools Help Increase Engagement on Your Website?

When setting up a website, user engagement is a crucial consideration. You want your visitors to your site to read your material, fill out your forms, and click on your calls to action when they arrive.

Marketing tools are one of the resources you’ll need for this. They help you increase engagement as an essential website factor to generate more leads and money in the long run. To understand this better, here are a few ways marketing tools can increase engagement on your website:

1. Engagements Tracking 

Marketing tools maintain awareness of various qualitative and quantitative data and user behavior trends. These qualities are necessary to monitor and increase engagement on your website.

Google Analytics (GA), for example, is a free website analytics tool that tracks and reports website traffic as well as aids in the discovery of patterns and trends in the behavior of visitors that interact with your website. This information helps you devise ways to appeal to these visitors and increase their presence on your website.

2. Learning from User Experience

When you use appropriate marketing tools, you can track user behavior on your website and enhance their experience. However, knowing where to begin when developing an efficient tech stack that provides you with rich, practical engagement insights can take time and effort.

Hotjar, for instance, has heatmaps and scroll maps, which display where people click, where they loiter, and how far down your homepage they scroll. This marketing tool helps you analyze user engagement on your website and allows you to see how users interact with the website through user-backed insights into the customer experience. In addition, it displays what is preventing customers from engaging with the website so you can make improvements.


Social media has proven to be an excellent tool for several rental property owners lately. Many now have the ability to post vacancies across multiple social media platforms and sources for tenants. This resource has also helped bridge gaps for people looking for rental spaces to find them easily.

If you are a rental property landlord, exploring the benefits of a website also goes a long way. Understand different marketing tools and use them to fuel more engagement for your website. All these will provide opportunities to fill your rental spaces and improve your ROI.

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