Top 7 Tips to Get Your YouTube Videos Noticed

Top 7 Tips to Get Your YouTube Videos Noticed

Are you new to YouTube and struggling hard to make your space in the list of famous YouTubers? If so, then this blog is a must to read.

It’s daunting when you first start a YouTube channel, and you can’t expect an overnight success. You have to put extra efforts to make your videos noticed.

Even the top vloggers faced difficulty to touch a million mark. At their initial stage, they too have less subscribers with handful of views. But, they didn’t quit, and see where they have reached today.

No doubt, YouTube is growing at a rapid pace, and so is the competition to grab the maximum eyeballs. It’s not easy to attract the users to watch your content, especially in the early days.

The good news is that you’re not alone. This post will be your helping hand to make your channel grow. Follow these wonderful tips to get the attention of the YouTube users.

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#Tip 1- Build Keyword-centric Videos

This is the best strategy to drift traffic to the videos, and for increasing your audience base. If you’re an SEO novice, then you must be unaware of this practice. But, it’s crucial if you want the number of views on your video. You can use keyword tools (YouTube specific) to scout for the most searched keywords in the niche you’re targeting.

So, it’s necessary to pick a keyword before creating your video content. This helps you to build the video around that particular topic. Once, you’re done with the keyword selection, check out the videos that are ranking on the top for that topic to ensure that you are on the right track. Of course, don’t miss optimizing your title and descriptions- it’s an absolute must.

#Tip 2- Use Reminiscent Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first thing that catch the attention of the users whenever they look at your video. Specifically for the mobile devices, this is what the users see before they glance at the title or description: so it has to be catchy.

Note that, using YouTube’s default thumbnail system will not help your videos to get noticed. To seek attention, it would be great to create your own thumbnails for your videos. Thinking what to add in those thumbnails?

Well, you can simply take screenshots of the key frames of your video. Add a good filter so it looks pleasing to the viewers. Lastly, put the title on your video- make sure it’s not gaudy, as well as an icon so that the users can recognize your video faster.

#Tip 3- Polish Channel’s Look

So, your viewers just finished off with the first video, now they have come again to your channel to watch more video content. If they haven’t subscribed it yet, it’s time to encourage them to do so. You can make a video, especially to greet those people who haven’t subscribed. They may like your idea, and hit on the subscribe button.

Paying attention to your channel’s videos is good, but it would be great to look at the other aspects also: the channel banner, your signature logo, and an attractive imagery you think might go well with all. This will create a visually appealing channel that captures the attention of the onlookers.

Additionally, you need to put your content into playlists and sort across your page accordingly. So, you need to invest the proper time in enhancing the look and feel of your channel.

#Tip 4- Collaborate with other YouTubers

Out of all the ways discussed here to make your YouTube videos noticed, it’s the strongest. It works guaranteed because you get exposure to the new audiences who might have not seen your videos, and when you associate with a YouTuber, you will get credibility in the eyes of their audience.

If you want to collaborate, make sure that you approach them with an idea for a video not just a normal request for the collaboration. Don’t get offended if you will not get revert, as big brands are occupied with work most of the time. Keeping this into account; you should contact channels similar to your size because you will be able to offer them something in return.

#Tip 5- Engage with the audience

Never overlook social interaction on your YouTube channel. If your posts do not encourage the comments and discussion, you’re missing something really big. YouTube rewards channels with higher engagement rates, including the total time spent on the channel, the number of likes and dislikes, watch time, and above all, the comments. Try to respond to every comment you receive on your videos. This will increase overall engagement on your YouTube channel.

#Tip 6- Social Media

Sharing your videos outside YouTube will make you reach to the masses. Make the most out of your social media handles to promote your videos- don’t forget to add your YouTube channel link along with every post.

With this, your video link will get shared with a number of people. This way, your videos will become popular, and your subscriber count will rise.

#Tip 7- Increase your upload frequency

This may sound intimidating, but to grow your audience base, it’s imperative to do so. You have to increase your posting frequency- at least one video in a week. Consistency is important if want to get more views on your videos. Try to stick to your schedule (choose same time of the day), and keep your subscribers notified each time you upload.


There is no hard and fast rule to draw attention of the users towards your YouTube channel. You just have to be consistent in what you’re doing- the golden rule for success.

Remember, the quality content drives engagement, and eventually develops engaged followers. So, you should think out of the box whenever you create any video. You will steadily gain subscribers if you come out with the exciting video content. Plus, you can follow the tips and tricks shared above in order to make your videos noticed.

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