Top 8 Ways to Create an Effective Lead Generation Strategy with Facebook

Top 8 Ways to Create an Effective Lead Generation Strategy with Facebook

Facebook is a powerful platform that has helped many small and large-scale businesses in developing a strong lead generation strategy. Lead generation is crucial to the growth of a business and with the help of a well-structured Lead generation strategy, you can build a good network of clients in a short span of time.

Given below are top hacks to develop a strong lead generation strategy that will take your online business to a new level. So, let’s get started!

Lead Generation Strategy with Facebook

1.Creation of an Effective Ad

The users see hundreds of ads per day and usually ignore most of them. The only way to attract their attention is to create an ad in such a way that it simply grabs the attention of the user in just one look. So, you need to understand the important elements to make an effective ad:

A Catchy Headline:

A Headline plays a very prime role in grabbing the user’s attention. As it is the first thing which users usually notice in an ad. So, why not making a headline which is interesting in just 25 characters not more than that.

A Relevant Image:

The size or the type of picture or image chosen is also very important. The ideal size of the picture that can be used in an ad is 1200*628 pixels.


If you use more than 90 characters explaining your offer, it would make your ad boring and will eventually reduce the user’s attention. So, the text should not be more than 90 characters.

2.Know Your Target Audience

As a business owner or marketer, you should always know who your target audience is. Because if you don’t your target audience you will not have a long-lasting impact on the audience. After analyzing your target audience think: What is the best way to reach your target audience. After knowing the target audience and the perfect medium or way to reach them, it will help you to work in that direction without having any confusion which means, at last, you will have a clear vision of what you have to do.

3.Selecting the Colors to Have a Psychological Impact

You must be wondering that why only colors. But as you know advertising deals or works with one principle on grabbing the attention of its consumers and color also attracts. So, now you know the relation between the two. Colors create an everlasting impact on our minds. But for that, we should be very cautious about what colors are we choosing. According to a recent study, 90% of all the judgements that we made about the product are based on the color.

If you have chosen Facebook, so avoid choosing blue and white colour for your ad, because it will blend with the Facebook page only.

4.Use the Trick of Offering Something for Free

The most important thing which attracts the user’s attention is when they are getting something for free. This is also a kind of marketing strategy in order to make them frequent customer from an interested customer. Free products create a different or soft image for that product.

5.Have a Solid Offer

This is one of the important and effective lead generation strategies. Because after watching an ad, the main question of the user is that what will this product provide me, or how this product is going to fulfill my demands. Because a customer is only interested in the ad, if he finds something valuable for him. So, give them something valuable or attract their attention by offering them a great deal. The users could not stop themselves to buy your product. If you do not have a deal so, create a new one.

6.Choose a Perfect Ad Format

Choosing a perfect Ad format will also help. Facebook provides you a variety of options for choosing your ideal ad-format.

So, here are the options available for different ad-format in Facebook:

  • Photo: Choose a photo that conveys your message perfectly.
  • Video: Tell your story with sound and motion pictures.
  • Slideshow: Grab the attention of the user by creating a video ad in the form of a slideshow.

7.Ask for Feedback on Your Products

Asking for feedback or input from your audience or customers will help you a lot. But if you are asking for a feedback so don’t forget that you will receive negative comments too. If you have received negative comments, so reply or respond immediately as soon as possible in order to show that you care and are more serious about your flaws. By doing that, it will create a positive image of your product on the customers for being upfront.

8.Run an Online Contest

People love contest giveaways. It will not only give you a chance to know your audience’s actual needs but also it will help you to generate needs. If you are organising a contest to generate leads, so your main motive will be grabbing more customers as much as you can by including a featured image or image that explains the whole contest simply.

So, if you opt these simple yet extremely effective tips, you will surely love the desired results that you obtain from them. So, buckle up and get ready to get some new clients on-board with these ultimate strategies in picture.

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